eSignLive e-Sign Enterprise 4.6 Responds to Market Demand for Massive Scalability and Performance

June 27, 2012

Montreal, QC, June 28, 2012 - As legally enforceable electronic signatures become a foundational technology for the enterprise along with CRM, ECM and other content services – and as e-signatures are scaled across all lines of business – the market requires increased scalability and performance to support an exponentially growing volume of electronic customer transactions.

In response, Silanis, the leader in enterprise electronic signature solutions with the largest e-signature deployments, today released version 4.6 of its e-signature platform, e-Sign Enterprise™. As the leading solution for enterprise e-signatures based on functionality and electronic evidence, e-Sign Enterprise is trusted with the core business processes of North America’s top banks, insurance carriers and government agencies and handles more e-signed transactions annually than any other e-signature provider. Considering that the insurance industry worldwide generates more than $4 trillion1 in revenue and that large carriers can process up to a billion paper documents each year, the anticipated volume of digital data generated from electronic transactions will be massive. Gartner predicts that as much as 75 percent of new business applications from independent agents in the US will be submitted electronically by 2016.2 With 25 million new savings, checking and credit card accounts opened and millions more consumer and mortgage loans closed each year, the US banking industry also generates enormous quantities of paperwork, and faces similar pressure to automate more processes and improve customer experience. According to Forrester Research, “Customers, who are more comfortable with the Web and mobile apps, are now driving e-signature adoption; it’s no longer just enterprises looking to reduce paper costs. ” Creating the best and most competitive customer experience consistently across billions of annual transactions requires robust technology. Architected for scalability and performance, e-Sign Enterprise 4.6 is a significant new software release that enhances two major areas of the platform in order to serve up greater volumes of documents and carry out transactions even faster. These enhancements apply to:
  • The document processing architecture and integration API, resulting in significant document presentation and processing performance; 
  • The data and document storage architecture, to increase scalability.
“Earlier this year we successfully load-tested a transaction volume exceeding 3,000,000,000 e-signed documents per year in an enterprise environment,” said Alexei Savchenko, Silanis CTO. “While undergoing this scalability testing, we created the planning models and documentation to help enterprises with performance tuning, capacity planning and scalability analysis. As a result, our customers will process massive volumes of business transactions while maintaining sub-second response times.”

These response times are all the more impressive considering that Silanis’ enterprise e-signature platform is performing a multitude of actions as it executes each transaction. Even for a simple signing process, the platform is presenting the document online, allowing people to review and e-sign, capturing forms data, securing the document with a digital signature and delivering the completed document electronically.

While all of this occurs, hundreds of thousands of other transactions can be taking place simultaneously across various lines of business, departments and channels. Add to this the need to display multiple documents (where some could contain 30 pages or more) for multiple signers through a web browser or mobile device, and the demands on performance and scalability become substantial.

The increased performance and scalability is a key part of Silanis’ strategy to support customers from a single e-signature platform, regardless of how it is deployed: on-premises, on a private cloud, through dedicated cloud services or a software-as-a-service. Having flexibility in deployment options means that no matter the size of the project or the requirements of the organization, if IT resources are limited there are still ways to get up and running quickly.

“As the e-SignLive™ multi-tenant customer base expands, they are looking for a highly scalable environment that can accommodate spikes in large-scale transaction volumes on-demand, while limiting costs to actual usage and minimizing IT resources,” said Robert Al-Jaar, Silanis’ Executive VP of Online e-Signature Services.  About Silanis Silanis is the most widely used e-signature solution in the world, responsible for processing over 600 million documents annually. Since the company was founded in 1992, our solutions have strengthened the business processes of thousands of organizations, including four of the top North American banks, eight of the top 15 insurance companies and the entire US Army, among others. Companies and government organizations around the globe depend on Silanis to accelerate business transactions, improve customer experience and reduce costs while improving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Silanis’ on-premise, cloud and SaaS e-signature solutions eliminate manual, paper-based processing and enable e-commerce and e-government transactions to be electronically executed from start to finish.
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