eSignLive Technology Ships Electronic Signatures for Office '97 & Internet Explorer

September 12, 1997

Silanis Technology announced that ApproveIT will provide support for Microsoft Office '97 and Internet Explorer.

Montreal, Qc, September 13, 1997 — Today, Silanis Technology announced that ApproveIT for Office Version 3.5 will provide support for Microsoft Office '97 and Internet Explorer. The continued support for the Microsoft computing environment stems from end user demand and their growing acceptance of ApproveIT as the standard electronic signature software for the mainstream office environment. All MS-Office documents and spreadsheets can be approved, authenticated and routed in an entirely electronic environment using secure, electronic, handwritten signatures. In order to meet the needs of corporations ApproveIT for Office will work seamlessly within all Windows operating systems - Windows 3.1x, Windows `95, Windows NT - as well as the Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Version 3.5 has been enhanced with other key features based on the needs of, and requests coming from, Silanis' established customers. The upgrade includes capabilities such as Object Authentication, which enables authentication of the object, graphic and textual content of documents, as well as support for scanned images and signatures. Other security and automation features have been included to meet certain industry needs and to comply with association standards (FDA) including Silanis Technology's own Signature Authentication Code which authenticates captured signatures within approved documents.

Version 3.5:

Approve All of your Office '97 Documents and Spreadsheets - Online! Version 3.5 provides support for Office '97 and is the only off the shelf electronic signature solution for MS-Word '97 and MS-Excel '97 users! Online electronic approval can now easily be established by companies working in an Office '97 environment with this product! The software is fully compatible with Internet Explorer and native applications running within its browser. Electronic signing of corporate documents and forms located on, or the publishing of such approved documents to, the corporate intranet is a simple process with ApproveIT. These capabilities can also be extended to internet applications which are very common in business today.

Meet the Security Standards of Federal Organizations!

Many federal organizations are allowing for the electronic submission of requisite documentation and forms in order to speed efficiency and review services (one such organization is the FDA). In order to aid companies in their efforts to meet automation and security standards ApproveIT has been updated to include support for time expired captured signatures and multiple identification codes. These capabilities will provide flexibility to company's that are attempting to implement a secure electronic workplace involving electronic approval. System administrators can configure their applications to force time out periods for the use of individual captured signatures and can create a two level password system for additional security. Organizations using ApproveIT for Office version 3.5 can be confident in the fact that signatures are secure in authentic, original documents and that compliance with federal rules will be maintained at all times by ApproveIT - Inside or Outside of a closed system!

Enhanced Authentication Capabilities!

Version 3.5 has also been augmented to provide users with enhanced signature and object authentication to more greatly safeguard signatures from tampering and manipulation. Silanis Technology has developed a code which authenticates a captured signature as the true and genuine online signature of its owner and guarantees it has not been imitated.

Object authentication is also a new function within version 3.5 to provide Office '97 end users with the ability to securely approve documents that have been created using different file formats. Any graphic file type or Active X object embedded in an MS-Word or MS-Excel document will automatically be authenticated along with the document's textual content. For example: Users may scan their receipts and embed them in their Excel expense reports. Using ApproveIT these scanned document are considered part of the document and the software will authenticate them along with the spreadsheet to insure that signatures appear only in the original expense report.

Additional Automation!

ApproveIT for Office version 3.5 has also been refined to make the approval process as simple and expedient as possible. New and updated functions include batch authentication, in which ApproveIT can validate document content as original for many different documents at one time, and more effective auto signature targeting capabilities. Greater Flexibility for Signature Input! Support for additional signature input techniques and devices is an essential means of providing users with efficiency and cost flexibility in terms of hardware selection. With this end in mind Silanis has provided users with the flexibility to electronically sign documents using scanned signatures or electronic seals. In addition, version 3.5 also supports the new PenPartner tablet and Erasing UltraPen, and all other pen-based digitizer tablets, from Wacom Corp. Ltd. as well as pads from Topaz Systems and PenWare.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.