NW_19990920_en_VASCO Makes the Internet Safe for Morgan Interactive and its Clients

September 20, 1999

OAKBROOK TERRACE, ILLINOIS and BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – (September 20, 1999) – When the VP of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company is looking for a candidate to fill a critical management position, she simply turns to the website of executive search firm Morgan Interactive (www.morganinteractive.com). While there, she can search a highly confidential, customized database of potential candidates, communicate with the firm’s consultants or even her own managers in other offices, and keep track of appropriate paperwork -- all on the Internet. And to ensure that such sensitive information can only be accessed by authorized people, the search firm places its trust in a secure e-business solution from APEX Interactive that incorporates Digipass™ security technology from VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (OTC BB: VDSI.OB).

A leading developer of e-commerce and e-business solutions, APEX implemented its Windows NT-based Internet security application for Morgan Interactive. To gain access to the protected Internet database, users must pass through a visual "who goes there?" challenge that appears on a monitor as a flashing barcode. They must also have VASCO’s Digipass 300, a small, hand-held authentication device that generates a one-time password in response to the challenge; a PIN number to activate their Digipass 300; and the proper log-in name – setting up a significant barrier to unauthorized access. And because each Digipass is individually programmed, users can only view those sections of the Internet database where they have access privileges.

"Since we have clients throughout North America, we wanted to leverage the Internet to provide them with access to their confidential information from anywhere in the world, at any time, and from any computer with an Internet connection," explained Bernard Layton, President of Morgan Interactive. "But we also had to be absolutely sure that our clients’ highly confidential information was safe from unauthorized users. We dismissed conventional passwords as being far too likely to be written down, guessed, shared, or stolen off the Internet. When APEX showed us the Digipass solution, we knew we had found our answer."

At first concerned whether their clients would accept using even a small device for accessing their information, Morgan Interactive discovered that enhanced security was actually a sales tool. Prospective and existing clients appreciate the fact that the firm is using the best possible Internet security measures available. "Digipass security allows people to trust doing business over the Internet," noted Joseph Wirtz, President of APEX Interactive. "Beyond its security aspects, the Digipass and the flashing barcode serve to remind people that their information, communications, and transactions are ‘behind bars’ that only they can open."

"The reason so many companies like Morgan Interactive are moving their business to the Web is because VASCO has satisfied their security concerns," commented Dennis Firenze, VASCO’s Sales Manager for the Americas. "Thanks to the solutions provided by our partners such as APEX Interactive, more companies are able to leverage the Internet’s benefits as a more cost-effective distribution channel -- whether they are distributing information, money, products, or some combination of all three."

About VASCO Data Security

VASCO Data Security, a U.S. corporation, secures access to information and applications for financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies in more than 45 countries around the world. With over 2.75 million Digipass™ security devices sold, VASCO Data Security is now the number one provider of strong authentication solutions to the banking industry, and number two overall. Today, more than 130 banks and financial institutions rely on VASCO Data Security to secure their Internet, PC, and phone banking applications. For more information, call VASCO’s U.S. headquarters at 1.800.238.2726, its European headquarters at +32, or visit www.vasco.com.

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