2 Unexpected Benefits of E-Signature Use

Mary Ellen Power, May 23, 2014

If you are going to deploy electronic signature software you are expecting to get a much more efficient way to sign documents in the workplace. You also know that the company will have fewer paper records to store, less mail to deal with and much less work for the printers and copiers. The core benefits of e-signature solutions are clear, but there are also many secondary advantages that the technology can offer. A couple of unexpected gains that come with an e-signature deployment include:

1. Simplified auditing

Many regulatory standards mandate that records management processes be audited in the event of a breach or as a preventative measure. Organizations must be prepared at any time to not only access records, but also have all of the metadata about a particular file completed with accuracy.

For example, government agencies need to be able to not only comply with public requests for information, but also understand all of the details about whichever records they provide and ensure that personally identifiable information is taken out of the file to protect consumer identities. Complying with this regulation hinges on an agency's ability to audit employee processes pertaining to how they interact with records.

E-signature solutions provide built-in metadata about how a record is changed, when it is accessed, who accesses it, which file is the original and other key details, making auditing much easier, less time consuming and less expensive.

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2. Improved employee comfort

People are getting used to working from their smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices to get the job done. Consumer technologies are creating a familiarity in the work place that makes advanced practices less intimidating and more successful. Giving a worker a large stack of papers and asking him/her to read them, take the information in, fill out any forms correctly and sign them is an intimidating process that is bound to lead to errors or misunderstandings.

E-signatures create a signing experience in which companies can educate their workers on what they are signing in a variety of ways, verify that users understand the agreement, automatically check for errors and make the entire process much more comfortable for employees.

Efforts to deploy e-signatures can deliver a wide range of advantages that drive business efficiency. Focusing exclusively on the core benefits of the technology will help you get some results, but looking holistically at electronic signatures can help you maximize your investment.

To learn more about what e-signatures have to offer, check out our beginner's guide to the technology.