Convenience and Value Without Developing a Mobile App for That

Mary Ellen Power, March 13, 2013

According to Sunil Gupta, Professor of Business Administration and Head of the Marketing Department at Harvard Business School, businesses should be thinking about apps, not ads on mobile devices. He concludes in the recently published Harvard Business Review article tiny mobile ads may not garner the results gained from apps that add convenience and offer unique value. Among these, Gupta includes utility apps. A mobile e-signature app that includes custom logo branding is an across the board win for outward facing departments including marketing and sales without the added cost of development. Electronic signatures have already proven to provide benefits to businesses including improved customer satisfaction ratings. Bob Catlin, President and CEO of Signature Mortgage told National Mortgage News that electronic signatures are a "huge game changer" and provide "a great customer experience." Catlin said that with e-signatures, the document signing process is cut drastically from days, or even weeks, to minutes. Businesses that are looking to move to electronic signatures for customers and colleagues to officially sign paperwork need to remember that there is a caveat to electronic signatures and mobility. A secure and legally enforceable signature must never be compromised. Just as with a traditional pen and paper, the onus is on the business to show that an e-signer clearly understands and accepts the conditions of a contract. Robust e-signature solutions create online documents that look the same as their paper counterparts, present them in the correct order and record how much time was spent on each section before it was signed. When choosing a solution don’t gloss over the fact that the technology must properly encrypt the e-signature within the document. Reliable and secure e-signature solutions embed digital signatures along with detailed audit trail information right into the document so that tampering is immediately visible. Without this, the contract may not hold up in court. Taking a picture of a signature or signing off with a finger doesn’t ensure an iron-clad process. An electronic signature solution must take a signor to a secure site to complete the paperwork. Dropping a .GIF, .JPG or .PNG into a Word document that is not encrypted on a secure server doesn’t offer the necessary proof of the signing process. Emails are not a secure way to send documents either. The trail of electronic evidence is breached because a secure audit trail is not bound to the electronic record via a cryptographic link and there is no log of system accesses and actions associated with the transaction. The right electronic signature solution offers convenience and value to both consumers and businesses without spending budget to develop mobile apps. Electronic signatures are within any organization’s reach, no matter the size of the business, location of a government department or budget of a not-for-profit entity. Cloud-computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) products enable even the smallest enterprises to benefit from hassle-free and secure e-signature solutions at a very reasonable price. To learn more about electronic signatures and mobility, download the Top 10 Enterprise Mobile E-Signature Requirements.