Data Residency in Canada, Eh?

Rahim Kaba,

Cloud computing is helping businesses around the world realize their full potential. The widespread adoption of cloud-based services and new approaches to data storage have broken down traditional geographical barriers more than ever before.

As businesses increasingly move customer transactions to the cloud however, concerns over data sovereignty have resulted in additional barriers to cloud adoption. For many organizations, data residency is a top concern and has become a common obstacle in the implementation of cloud services.

Complementing our existing e-signature service deployments in the U.S. and in the U.K., we are proud to add Canada to the list to address the needs of Canadian businesses. We’ve partnered with IBM SoftLayer, who recently extended its cloud infrastructure services in Canada, to offer Canadian organizations of all sizes access to an e-signature service where data and documents reside in Canada.

Our dedicated instance of e-SignLive in Canada meets the needs of Canadian customers – particularly financial institutions, public sector organizations and many large enterprises – that require in-country data residency. Now, businesses that are evaluating e-signature services have the ability to choose a cloud environment and location that best suit their business needs with transparency to where data resides. Contact us to learn how your organization can access the Canadian-hosted instance of e-SignLive.

The Beginner's Guide to Electronic Signatures

The Beginner's Guide to Electronic Signatures

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