Introducing the NEW e-SignLive Developer Community

Michael Williams, September 15, 2015

I am proud to announce that the new e-SignLive Developer Community is now live! It was officially announced at the e-SignLive User Conference, in D.C., but I thought I would take to the blog to also announce it. Since starting in May, this has been a top priority of mine. There are many items out there that will help you get started with e-SignLive.

For starters, the Getting Started page will take you through what e-SignLive is, how to get a Sandbox account, and pointers to several guides to help you get started with the e-SignLive flavor of your choosing (UI, REST, Java, or C#). You'll also find links to many of the resources available, including: GitHub examples, SDK downloads, documentation, events, and more.

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OneSpan Developer Community

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The biggest thing that the developer community brings to the table is the Forums section. Here, you will find several forums in categories like, "Using e-SignLive", and "Integrating e-SignLive". Each of those is broken down into a more specific pot, like "Java SDK", "Web (UI)", etc., to make finding the right place to search/ask questions much more intuitive. Anyone with an account can post a question or an answer to another member's post, and I definitely welcome you to do so! And the best part is, the forums are available to take questions 24/7.

I should also note that this is only "Phase 1". Over the next 6-12 months, there will be many more additions to the site, including a comprehensive guides section, a code share area, and more. Head on over and ask a question, today.

– Michael Williams

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