Introducing OneSpan Sign SDK for Salesforce

Aydoan Armutlu, March 24, 2016

We are excited to announce the new OneSpan Sign SDK for Salesforce. The new OneSpan Sign SDK makes it incredibly simple for Salesforce developers looking to integrate electronic signing capabilities into their own custom apps. Whether you are looking to add electronic signatures to a custom app built on or add eSignatures to 3rd party Salesforce apps, look no further. Written in APEX, the new OneSpan Sign SDK makes it incredibly easy for developers to do just that.



OneSpan Sign for Salesforce

OneSpan Sign for Salesforce

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Salesforce developers can now easily build and deploy apps on the Salesforce or platform using OneSpan Sign APEX SDK. For complete documentation, instructions, code snippets and examples, check out OneSpan Sign APEX SDK on Github. You can find step by step instructions as well as functional description of the SDK components.

The OneSpan Sign SDK supports Salesforce developers by leveraging OneSpan Sign REST API to interact with the OneSpan Sign system. It makes it easy to integrate electronic signing and eSignature capabilities into Salesforce Apps. For example, do add documents to an existing package you use the code below. For more detailed instructions, read the full OneSpan Sign SDK documentation. If you have specific questions, please check out our Developer Community for more discussions around OneSpan Sign APEX SDK for Salesforce.


  OneSpan Sign APEX SDK for Salesforce  

The new OneSpan Sign SDK for Salesforce complements OneSpan Sign for Salesforce integration, which allows you to prepare, manage and send documents for e-signature directly in Salesforce. Using OneSpan Sign for Salesforce, you can quickly obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures for contracts, partner agreements, purchase orders, NDAs and any other kind documents directly in Salesforce. OneSpan Sign for Salesforce is the quickest way to add electronic signatures to Salesforce.

To learn more about OneSpan Sign for Salesforce app, go to OneSpan Sign AppExchange listing or visit our OneSpan Sign for Salesforce page.