Top Takeaways from AFCEA NOVA Chapter 2013 Navy IT Day

Mary Ellen Power, June 20, 2013

An interview with Tony Moncada, Silanis’ Public Sector Account Executive MP: Tony, you were recently at the 2013 Navy IT Day, hosted by the AFCEA NOVA Chapter. What were the top things you took away from the show? TM: It was interesting for me to hear from the Navy’s CIO about his focus for the coming year, which was primarily about a relentless improvement of processes. He also talked about the Navy’s attention to war fighting and war readiness as important areas of continued focus. It’s incredible when you think of fulfilling both of these initiatives considering the size of the Navy – he explained that the Navy’s educational system alone is the third largest of any in the world. MP: How did this show compare to other government industry shows? Were there any common themes between them? TM: Absolutely. I’ve been hearing the same thing across shows – there’s a desire to leverage enterprise contracts to increase costs savings. So government organizations plan to spend money, but they plan to spend it smarter. For the Navy in particular, they’re looking to make it easier for different entities within the organization to communicate with each other and make a cohesive effort, which will translate into cost savings. MP: How could e-signatures help government organizations in light of the themes you’ve been hearing? TM: Well, helping any organization improve its internal processes is something e-signatures really streamline. For the Navy in particular looking at large procurements and BPA-type contracts for cost-savings means a new procurement process. It makes sense to leverage e-signatures in this scenario for contracts. Thanks Tony for your insight into the government sector. To learn more about e-signatures in government, download the Beginner’s Guide to E-Signatures in Government.