When is an E-signature Not Just an E-signature?

Joe McKairnes, June 23, 2016

We all sign documents. Whether using the ‘old’ pen and paper or the greatest digital technology – e-signatures. You may have already e-signed a birthday card or other simple document. But, have you ever thought about who else is e-signing documents – and why?

It’s not often that we think about the impact of doing something as mundane as signing a document. Let’s take a look at the types of documents being e-signed, and under what circumstances.

To begin, consider the vendors providing e-signature solutions. There are a few of them out there. You may be familiar with the one whose name appears throughout the signing process. (In fact, after signing, this vendor invites you back to their website to become a customer!)



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eSignLive, the world’s leading vendor, is ideal for businesses where the company brand, security and audit (of the signing) are paramount. Marry this with ease of use and the highest adoption rates in the industry, and it becomes clear that this vendor stands alone as the premier solution.

Where are e-signatures being used?

Banking and insurance companies and others in regulated industries are big adopters. In these highly competitive markets, branding is paramount. Organizations don’t want their vendor’s name showing up during the onboarding of a new client. They want to present a fully branded experience to the customer.

What about the Government? With some of the earliest implementations of e-signatures, governments have enjoyed great efficiencies and huge cost savings as a result. eSignLive has become the de facto e-signature standard at all levels of government where security and audit are critical to the operation.  Running either on premises or in a FedRAMP compliant cloud is high on the list of security risk mitigation for government installations. Combine this with the need for full non-repudiation, the ability to prove beyond a shadow of doubt who the signer is, and you can see why eSignLive is the clear leader.

When is an e-signature not just an e-signature?

When careers, jobs, companies and yes, even lives depend on it.

There was a time when a soldier in battle, in need of additional ammunition, would run through the conflict zone looking for their superior to get a pen on paper signature for a munitions order. This document was then couriered to the next signer, and so on. Imagine doing this on a live battlefield! The time, errors and risk of life is staggering.

eSignLive has replaced this dangerous, life-threatening process and moved it into the digital world. Today, a soldier opens their iPad or tablet, e-signs the munitions order, and the document is automatically routed through the signature process to completion. Lives are safer, errors are removed and the munitions order is executed in minutes – putting no one in harm’s way.

Careers have been saved streamlining processes, reducing errors and creating efficiencies. When companies are responsive to client, consumer and citizen needs, and occasionally saving lives, that’s when an e-signature is more than just an e-signature.