OneSpan provides the security and e-signature solutions behind some of the most trusted brands and security conscious organizations

Financial Services

Improving customer experiences, fighting fraud, and encouraging growth

Serving more than 2,000 financial institution customers around the globe, OneSpan helps these organizations deliver secure customer journeys. This is achieved by meeting the twin goals of reducing instances of fraud while also improving the customer experience.


Delivering the digital and mobile experiences that customers need while ensuring security

The insurance industry is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation. Insurance carriers need secure agreement automation, end-to-end digital account opening processes, and electronic signature to meet the demands of today’s customers. OneSpan delivers the technology solutions necessary to create a modern, secure customer experience in the security industry.


Out-of-the-box solutions optimized for government workflows

OneSpan provides the e-signature solution of choice in government for nearly 20 years with enterprise deployments in the US Army, GSA and more. Learn about our implementation expertise and comprehensive solutions for federal and state and local government deployments.


Ensure patient confidentiality, security, and efficiency

OneSpan Sign helps hospitals and healthcare  organizations to modernize their workflows and protect sensitive patient data. Meanwhile, OneSpan solutions ensure that the healthcare organization remains compliant with industry regulations in whatever jurisdiction in which they operate.

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OneSpan can help you fight fraud and preserve the customer experience in any industry.