OneSpan Sign Desktop™

Electronic signatures for Word, Excel, PDF and more

eSign Desktop (formerly ApproveIt Desktop) is an out-of-the-box desktop application that makes it easy to electronically sign ad hoc processes such as purchase orders, reports, HR forms and more. It is also a cost-effective solution for smaller deployments.

With eSign Desktop, your documents remain in their native file formats. The software quickly integrates with applications such as Microsoft® Word™ and Excel™, Adobe® Acrobat® and more. Signing buttons appear within the application toolbar and you simply click to add your electronic signature. An image of your handwritten signature is then secured in the document. You can email the e-signed document to colleagues and business partners. No need to worry that someone could tamper with the document or try to copy-and-paste a signature, since the audit trail and electronic signature are permanently embedded in the document using digital signature encryption – meaning that any unauthorized changes or tampering would immediately and visibly invalidate the e-signed document.

Signing methods

eSign Desktop offers multiple methods of capturing an electronic signature, including:

  • Using a secure, password-protected electronic file containing your handwritten signature. Ideal for users that will be e-signing on an on-going basis.
  • Real-time signing using a signature capture pad. Ideal for point-of-sale/service processes involving one-time signers.
  • With a digital certificate issued by a certificate authority or PKI system (stored on a DoD CAC or other smart card). Ideal for high-risk or high-value processes where additional security safeguards are necessary.

Advantages of e-Sign Desktop

  • Supports multiple signatures in the same document
  • Automatically places signatures in the correct location in the document
  • Automatically inserts dynamic data, such as date and signer’s title
  • Enables authorized changes to be made to signed documents
  • Supports sectional signing, form signing, parallel signing, sequential signing, batch document signing and signing of form letters
  • Allows you to save an electronic copy of the e-signed document, or securely print a hard copy
  • Can be used with Microsoft Windows Installer to deploy and configure the software remotely
  • Ideal for environments where there is no Internet connection or where using a third-party SaaS solution is not feasible due to security concerns