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Mobile Security Suite

Optimize your customers’ mobile experience and reduce fraud with state-of-the-art authentication, application security, and e-signatures

Natively integrate mobile authentication, application security, and e-signatures, with our ready-to-use suite of SDKs

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    Mobile Authentication

    Combine multiple authentication methods, including the latest in biometric authentication

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    Mobile App Security

    Take action against growing mobile threats to protect your institution, apps, and users

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    Accelerate the customer journey by enabling customers to e-sign documents on their devices

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    Customer Experience

    Optimize the mobile experience with transparent application security and the right mobile authentication at the right time

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    Fulfill strict regulatory requirements and prove due diligence to auditors

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    Streamlined Development

    Reduce development cost and time-to-market with a complete set of developer tools 


See why more than half of the world’s top 100 global banks trust OneSpan for application security in the face of increasing fraud

See how financial institutions use OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite to deliver convenient and secure mobile offerings by natively integrating mobile app security, biometric authentication, e-signatures, and transaction signing into their Android and iOS apps.

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Phase-out passwords while simplifying and securing the mobile experience

Maintain trust without impacting the customer experience through sophisticated mobile app shielding technology, biometric authentication, and the ability to step-up authentication only when necessary. 

The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite enables this through:

  • A wide array of authentication methods
  • Easy, safe roll-out for multiple users
  • Multi-channel authentication via the mobile device
  • Online and offline activation options
  • Invisible, always-on mobile app security
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Combine multiple authentication methods via a consolidated framework, including the latest in biometric authentication

Extend facial recognition support beyond Apple Face ID with algorithms evaluated by NIST. From there, continually score the risk associated with a user’s device and step-up authentication only when needed. Mobile Security Suite allows you to deploy the perfect combination of authentication options for your customers, including:

  • One time passwords (OTP)
  • Geolocation
  • Cronto®
  • Out-of-band SMS and push
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Facial recognition (beyond Apple Face ID)
  • Behavioral biometrics
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End-to-end application security including communications, data storage, and the user interface

Deploy your app to untrusted environments with confidence. With mobile app shielding from OneSpan, your app can proactively defend itself against the most advanced mobile threats, such as malware, code injection, and reverse engineering.

The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite accomplishes this through:

  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Impede reverse engineering
  • Detect and stop malware
  • Prevent tampering and debugging
  • Secure your app even on jailbroken, rooted, and potentially compromised devices
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Enable customers to securely e-sign documents on their mobile device

Provide users with a responsive e-signing experience right out of the box – or fully customize the signing ceremony to create a unique customer experience. 

With both options, you’ll be able to offer a white-labeled signing experience, capture tap-to-sign and handwritten signatures, and get the most comprehensive audit trails to prove compliance. 

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Fulfill strict regulatory and internal requirements for strong authentication, data protection, and app security

Meet the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) by implementing measures to:

  • Perform dynamic linking
  • Protect against app cloning
  • Provide strong authentication
  • Analyze transaction risk
  • Ensure independent elements with mobile app shielding

Demonstrate due diligence for FFIEC risk-mitigating controls such as tokenization, encryption for storage and transmission of data, and anti-malware countermeasures. 

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Reduce development effort, time-to-market, and cost with OneSpan’s complete mobile app development toolkit

We’ve taken care of the complexities of development and maintenance with a complete set of well-documented libraries, APIs, and mobile workflows. All that developers need to do is integrate any one or all of our SDKs to reduce time, effort, and spend – we take care of the rest. 

What’s more, our built-in plug-and-play support makes it easier to integrate new mobile biometric authentication capabilities as they become available. This means you’ll avoid costly reworks when adopting the latest biometric technology. 

Our customers use Mobile Security Suite to…

  • Ensure Secure Mobile Authentication

    Integrating app shielding protects Raiffeisen Italy’s authenticator app against mobile attacks – without interrupting the customer experience. 

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    The bank can now detect and block mobile attacks in real time 

    Raiffeisen quickly met PSD2 compliance requirements for mobile app security 

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  • Improve the Customer Authentication Experience

    By integrating support for more modern and secure authentication methods into their mobile banking app, Odeabank decreased login time and increased convenience for their customers.

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    Convenient, seamless authentication for the bank’s mobile users Easy to integrate and implement selected features such as Touch ID

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  • Enable Mobile Account Openings

    Bank of Montreal integrated the OneSpan Sign e-signature API to enable new customers to open an account on their mobile device in under 8 minutes.

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    Cut the number of account opening forms by 40%

    Reduced the number of steps in the account opening process from 25 to 13

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