Establishing a Trustworthy Digital Account Opening


Recorded On: December 6, 2018


  • Jason Maude, Lead Engineer, Starling Bank
  • Rahim Kaba, Director of Global Product Marketing, Onespan
  • Rich Wagner, CEO, Cashplus
  • Anna Milne, Editor, Finextra

Join Finextra, OneSpan and industry experts as they discuss how banks and FIs should approach key steps in the account opening process and how to create a customer centric approach to digital account openings.

The account opening experience delivers a critical first impression for customers. With widespread digital disruption and fraud, it’s more important than ever that banks and financial institutions ensure they have control over customer experience. 

Financial organisations have their work cut out to maintain a fast and frictionless account opening experience, as the consumer market has come to expect. Banks and FIs need to understand their customer better than ever in order to deliver an intuitive service. At the same time, KYC procedures need to be modernised to support digital channel growth opportunities. 

Join this webinar from Finextra, in association with OneSpan, to hear experts discuss how banks and FIs should approach key steps in the account opening process in order to optimise the application process across different channels and devices, while mitigating risk and fraud exposure. During the webinar we will discuss;

  • Customer-centric approaches to KYC
  • The benefits of multi-layered identity verification in digital account opening
  • Streamlining the disclosures and consent process with eSignature
  • Mitigating fraud across mobile and online channels
  • Customer success stories and top requirements for customer-centric digital account opening

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