Digital Banking Ambitions in the “Remote-first” Era

Digital Banking Ambitions Webinar Title Slide

Recorded on: June 23, 2021


  • Michael DeCouto, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Clarien Bank
  • Rahim Kaba, VP Product Marketing

In the remote-first era, digital banking has become the primary method for applying for new accounts and conducting financial transactions. Consumers that have experienced the convenience of using online and mobile channels won’t want to go back to in-person branch visits. But even with all the advances in digital banking that have been made, consumers still expect more. Friction still happens early and too often in the process. And choppy digital experiences during the account opening and onboarding process are leading to >50% abandonment.

In this webinar, Michael DeCouto, EVP and Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Clarien Bank, and experts at OneSpan share insights on what’s continuing to drive digital transformation in financial services as begin to return to “normal” in the second half of 2021.

Topics include:

  • Enhancing customer-facing processes that continue to cause the most friction
  • Delivering high-touch, digital customer interactions in a remote world
  • Compliance concerns when moving from in-person to digital banking services
  • Managing organizational resistance from executives, front-line employees, and security teams