OneSpan Global Financial Regulations Report


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For financial services leaders, 2021 marked another year of change coupled with the unique challenges of pandemic recovery.  

Digitalization will be key to recovery, with global fintech investment reaching USD$98 billion in the first half of 2021 alone. However, rapid digitalization has also brought risks related to cybersecurity, data protection, and money laundering. Cyberattacks, for example, are now considered one of the key threats of the coming decade. 53% of bank executives cite reducing or preventing cyberattacks as a top challenge, along with safeguarding sensitive data (47%) and keeping pace with changes in consumer privacy laws and industry regulations (41%). 

To help you navigate challenges in 2022 and beyond, this second annual Global Financial Regulations Report outlines major developments in the regulatory landscape. Download this report to stay current on trends like digital identity, data protection, digital currency, open banking, the use of electronic signatures, and more – in all the countries where you do business.  

Report Highlights:  

  • New research data from a survey of >150 senior banking leaders – get insight into the top compliance challenges and prioritized technologies  
  • Learn how cybersecurity, digital identity, and data privacy have emerged as top focus areas in almost all regions   
  • Get region-by-region updates on transformative trends driving adoption of digital financial services, including open banking, remote online notarization, and artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Track recently enacted laws and policies by country  
  • Read the executive summary for a global overview and use the full report as a reference guide 

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