How E-Signatures Fit in Your Digital Insurance Strategy


Recorded on: September 8, 2016


  • Rob McIsaac, Senior Vice President, Research & Consulting, Novarica, Inc.
  • Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing, OneSpan

The broad spectrum and need for successful customer engagement among insurance companies has led to insurers re-examining their customer interactions and company operations. Modern insurers are “going digital”, and this digital transformational includes turning to electronic signatures as a key enabling technology in offering positive interactions and engagement with customers, as well as supporting digital insurance initiatives.

Given the nature of financial & non-financial transactions in P&C insurance, the ability to integrate an authentication methodology with an electronic signature capability to support the execution of these transactions is a foundational element in moving forward with a digital strategy.

In this one-hour complimentary webinar, OneSpan and a guest speaker from Novarica discuss the role that e-signatures play as you prepare for digital transformation. You will learn:

  • The current state of strategies and plans for the range of insurance digital initiatives
  • Why a digital strategy is foundational to successful business transformation efforts
  • Change management best practices to achieve high adoption
  • Top insurance uses cases as well as where adoption is lagging and why



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