Digital Transformation and E-Signatures: From Initial Deployment to Expansion Across the Bank


Recorded on: November 17, 2020


  • Ruchi Gupta, Director of Digital Products, People's United Bank
  • Rahim Kaba, VP Product Marketing

The pandemic has capitulated the banking industry into ​​the next phase of digital transformation. The increased use of digital channels have forced banks and other financial institutions to improve their product origination and digital onboarding capabilities.

In this web seminar, Ruchi Gupta, Director of Digital Products at People’s United Bank discusses what it took to move at unprecedented speeds to implement an e-signature program to issue Paycheck Protection Loans (PPP) to businesses in financial distress. Both Ruchi and OneSpan share their perspectives on expanding the use of e-signatures across the bank and how to work towards a Center of Excellence (CoE).

​​​Topics include:

  • ​Gaining trust and buy-in from leadership to fast track your e-signature program
  • Best practices for moving beyond your initial e-signature deployment
  • Identity verification and authentication considerations for remote transactions