Modernizing In-person & Remote Consumer Finance: Top 3 Learnings from BuyWay

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Consumer finance lenders face unique challenges: evolving consumer behaviours, intense competition, and obstacles to digitize loan and credit processes.

These challenges have accelerated the need for fast and secure lending. In this webinar, BuyWay and OneSpan will discuss how to modernize both point-of-sale (POS) and remote lending and financing processes to meet consumer expectations and drive increased operational efficiencies.

Topics include:

  • Before and after digitization: how electronic signatures helped deliver digital operational excellence and a digital customer experience
  • Best practices: practical tips on designing the experience for POS and remote channels
  • How to balance legal and compliance considerations with the need to drive higher efficiency and completion rates


  • Peter Goossens, Operations Director, BuyWay
  • Rahim Kaba, Vice President, Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Richard Sachar, Director, FinTech Global