Preparing for the “Next Normal”: Customer Onboarding in Insurance



  • Richard Letarte, President & CEO, Munich Re
  • Marisa Kirkbride, Trade Marketing Lead, Munich Re
  • Alexandra Laszlo, Sales Lead, Munich Re
  • Thomas Harrington, Senior Director, Industry Principal – Insurance, Pegasystems
  • Mary Ellen Power, Vice President, Marketing, OneSpan

Every single business, no matter the industry, faced the same challenge when COVID-19 changed our world, provoking the same question: how do I ensure my business can survive this crisis? And insurance companies were no different. Continuity plans, cost containment and ensuring staff were equipped with tools to work remotely was a priority.

Now that most insurers have dealt with these essential business continuity challenges, they are looking at the next set of challenges that touch the customer experience and revenue-generating initiatives, including enhancing digital sales and services capabilities. In a COVID-19 environment with face-to-face interactions being limited by physical distancing, this means that digitally-assisted channels become the de facto method for customer engagement.

Although the insurance industry as a whole has had a bad reputation in being slow to innovate, companies like MunichRe, are using this time of disruption to reinvent themselves with a new digital brand and offering through Parachute Digital Insurance.

Topics included:

  • Critical success factors in launching a self-service insurance application to fulfillment and delivery of policy
  • How will data and technology reshape the future of insurance
  • How Parachute Digital Solutions plans to partner with clients to future-proof their business needs.