Mobile Security Suite Mobile Security Suite

Mobile Security Suite

Prevent fraud, secure your apps and protect your users by natively integrating security, authentication and e-signature capabilities into your mobile apps

See how OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite natively integrates application security, including Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), biometric authentication and transaction-signing into your mobile applications.

Security and Unmatched User Convenience

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    Strong Security

    Secure the core components of your app including communications, storage, and user interface.

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    User Experience

    Offer a wide range of flexible authentication options and protect users with an invisible layer of security

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    A complete suite of security, authentication and e-signature capabilities developers can deploy when they need it

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    Fulfill strict regulatory and internal requirements for authentication and data protection

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    Streamline Development

    Orchestration makes mobile app development easier, reduces costs, and speeds time-to-market

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    Significantly reduce development efforts for integrating new biometric options as they become available

Complete Toolkit

Natively integrate security, authentication and electronic signing into your Android and iOS apps with OneSpan Mobile Security Suite—an all-in-one toolkit for developers

App Shielding (RASP)

Thwart attacks with real-time monitoring

Jailbreak and Root Detection

Detect risky runtime environments

Whitebox Cryptography

Protect encryption keys

Secure Storage

Strong, OS/device-independent encryption

Device Identification

Prevent spoofing with persistent identification

Device Binding

Link users to authorized devices

Secure Channel

Encrypt communications between device and server


Use location for risk analysis


Facilitate e-signatures anytime, anywhere

Behavioral Biometrics

Authenticate with behavioral biometrics

Face Authentication

Authenticate with facial recognition

Fingerprint Authentication

Authenticate with fingerprint

FIDO® Authentication 

Implement FIDO’s Universal Authentication Framework (UAF)

Risk Based Authentication

Step-up security based on risk

Cronto® Support

Support patented Cronto technology

QR Code Support

Support standard QR codes

Transaction Signing

Integrate user-friendly transaction verification

Push Notification

Secure, device-independent push notifications


Overlay app shielding prevent

App Shielding

Protect your app and users against fraud in real time with app shielding and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) technology

Give your app the power to protect itself from malware that may have been downloaded onto a user's mobile devices. Prevent the injection of malicious code into your mobile apps. Detect malicious activity as it happens and automate mitigation actions.

  • Stop intrusions
  • Prevent tampering
  • Disrupt reverse-engineering
  • Protect sensitive data
Behavioral authentication

Behavioral Biometrics Authentication

Drive down fraud and increase customer loyalty with continuous, transparent authentication

Detect and prevent fraud by analyzing users’ keystrokes and swipes, without encumbering the user experience. With this continuous authentication method, a back-end analysis engine uses machine learning to create a user profile, score user behavior, and flag abnormal activity to “step-up” authentication if necessary.


Streamline mobile app development efforts

Make mobile app development easier, reduce costs and increase release frequency with orchestration. The Orchestration SDK included with OneSpan Mobile Security Suite consolidates and automates a number of services to minimize the development efforts necessary to integrate authentication and security features into new mobile app projects.

Avoid future, costly rework (i.e., technical debt) by reducing the development efforts necessary to adopt the latest biometric technology. Building in plug-and-play support makes it easier to integrate new biometrics capabilities into your app as they become available.

Apple Face ID Authentication

See how Mobile Security Suite can help you easily embrace the latest Apple Face ID technology and satisfy tech-savvy customers.

Fingerprint Authentication

Find out how your users can securely log in into your apps with Mobile Security Suite using convenient technologies such as QR code scanning and Touch ID.

Ready to secure your mobile app?

OneSpan can help you instill complete trust in your mobile apps with advanced security and the latest authentication capabilities