Adaptive Authentication Adaptive Authentication

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

A uniquely intelligent authentication solution designed to drive growth by improving the customer experience and reducing fraud

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication Enables Growth

Modern fraud is no longer measured in a binary format, but in shades of grey representing many levels of risk. Banks and financial institutions need more sophisticated capabilities to accurately identify risk, while also ensuring the best possible user experience.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication combines risk analytics, mobile security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, and many other technologies to create a smart and dynamic authentication process where a precise level of security is applied to each transaction – no more, no less. This reduces fraud, and drives growth through higher customer loyalty and greater use of bank services.

Simplify the customer experience, while reducing risk and costs

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    Simplified Customer Experience

    Deliver a consistent and frictionless user experience across digital channels to increase loyalty and services utilization

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    Reduce Risk and Fraud

    Stop more fraud, including  account takeover, with a powerful risk analytics engine leveraging machine learning

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    Meet Strict Regulations Faster”

    Meet the strictest compliance requirements, including PSD2, with strong authentication, risk analytics, and app security

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    Improved Visibility and Control

    Unique and intuitive administration with the power to make authentication changes to the largest end user populations in minutes

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    Easily Integrate New Fraud Technology

    Simple API architecture ensures seamless integration of third party fraud services

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    Simplify Development Efforts

    Reduce deployment time and cost by leveraging the latest orchestration technology to streamline development

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    Easily Deploy Biometric Authentication

    Implement the latest biometric authentication methods to dramatically improve the user experience

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    Eliminate Weak Static Passwords

    Reduce password risks with strong multi-factor authentication across mobile and online channels

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    Simplify Authentication Orchestration

    Leverage new authentication technology and make related changes to the largest end user populations in a snap.

Frictionless Customer Experience

Frictionless Customer Experience

Dramatically reduce friction across channels with security tailored for each unique interaction

The right level of security every time. OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution analyzes and scores hundreds of user, device, and transaction data, in real-time, to determine the precise authentication requirements for each transaction.

This level of intelligence ensures the best possible customer experience, while safe-guarding transactions and customer data.

Open & Orchestrated Platform

Manage leading security solutions from multiple providers with sophisticated orchestration technology

Easily integrate multiple authentication technologies and leverage 3rd party fraud tools and data sets to enhance fraud detection.

OneSpan's intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution is powered by our Trusted Identity Platform – an open cloud platform with an orchestration technology stack that brings together the latest and most extensive MFA, Risk Analytics, and App Shielding technologies to simplify security.

How it works

Score user, device, and transaction data in real-time using advanced risk analytics with machine learning

Collecting key data across multiple channels

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication collects comprehensive data on the integrity of the device and mobile apps, the behavior of the user, transaction details, and other key contextual data across all digital channels.

The depth of visibility through vast and disparate data collected across all key channels provides the richest foundation for accurate risk analysis.

Methods to determine emerging fraud techniques.

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution leverages the machine learning equipped risk analytics engine, at the core of our Trusted Identity Platform, to analyze and score each transaction to get the most clear and complete view of risk.

In addition to advanced machine learning technology, our solution also leverages extensive pre-configured rule sets. The powerful combination of machine learning and comprehensive rules provides the best method to detect both known, new, and emerging fraud techniques.

Determine action.

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication takes action based on a precise risk score that leverages the extensive data collected across all key digital channels and the powerful risk analytics engine that created the most clear picture of risk for the specific transaction.

So every transaction is treated uniquely. Higher risk transactions will dynamically initiate a step-up authentication process and lower risk transactions are completed seamlessly.

Benefits by Stakeholder

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication makes life easier for the business owners too

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    Business Managers

    Fast, frictionless user experience; Consistency across devices; Faster time-to-market for new capabilities

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    Security & Fraud Managers

    Advanced authentication options including behavioral biometrics; Fast integration of new fraud technologies; Leading risk analytics leveraging machine learning

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    Compliance Managers

    Single platform approach to compliance; Simplified audit process; Support for EU PSD2 and GDPR

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    IT Managers

    Fast integration of new endpoint technologies and fraud management services; Flexible applications; Dramatically less coding, development and less complexity