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Business Challenge

Organizations continue to replace paper with digital documents and business processes. This drives a need to digitize the delivery and execution of consumer-facing agreements, but automating high-volume, B2C processes is complex and compliance driven.

Benefits of B2C Agreement Automation

Customer Experience

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers demand modern digital experiences that are easy and can be completed in a single-sitting. E-Signatures and smart digital forms provide the convenience of signing agreements anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Performance and Availability

Faster Completion Rates

Businesses are under pressure to close business in record time. E-Signatures not only improve the CX but also significantly reduce the number of steps required by consumers to complete agreements.


Improve Compliance

Demonstrating compliance to internal and external auditors is a hassle. E-Signatures strengthen the enforceability of digital agreements due to strong identity assurance, robust audit trails, and tamper-evident signatures.

“Regulated industries and demanding B2C environments are [OneSpan Sign]’s sweet spots.”

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Success Stories


Auto Insurance Policies

This direct-to-consumer insurer saw 23% higher forms completions after replacing DocuSign.


Life Insurance Applications

OneSpan Sign enables the fifth largest insurer in Belgium and its agents to finalize life insurance applications in as little as 15 minutes.

Commerical Banking

SMB Lending

Early results with BDC were outstanding. The new process reduced the number of fields to complete from 208 to 30 to submit a loan application.


Sales Contracting

Direct Energy saved 75% of what they would have paid for DocuSign’s renewal price.

White-label Your B2C Agreement Processes to Prevent Phishing Attacks

White-label Your B2C Agreement Processes to Prevent Phishing Attacks

White-labeling is the #1 thing you can do to protect your brand, build trust with your signers, and achieve the highest completion rates.

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Built for a Broad Range of Use Cases

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  • Account opening
  • Loan and financing applications
  • Mortgage renewals
  • Account maintenance and change forms
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  • New business applications
  • Claims processing
  • Policy administration
  • Account maintenance and change forms


  • Permitting & licensing
  • Contract bidding
  • Court & judicial documents
  • Inter-agency agreements


  • Patient onboarding 
  • Intake forms
  • Patient consent
  • Claims processing

Why OneSpan Sign?

Superior Experience

Bring automation to your agreement workflows and deliver optimal experiences to your customers and employees – across channels and devices

Global Solution

An enterprise-grade solution that scales across geographies with support for Simple, Advanced, and Qualified E-Signatures, multiple languages, and data centers around the world

Strong Electronic Evidence

Vendor-independent audit trails that help you deliver legally binding, admissible, and enforceable digital agreements

Secure Agreements

Bank-grade cloud security, digital signature encryption that guarantees the integrity of your agreements, and strong authentication options

Questions? We’re ready with answers

OneSpan can help your business securely digitize the execution and delivery of contracts and other types of B2C agreements.