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Digital Onboarding

Transform the customer onboarding process into a seamless and secure, fully digital experience that your users will love.

Growth through digital onboarding

Onboarding is the first step in building customer loyalty. However, offering a fully digital onboarding experience – the process with the most potential to impact long-term customer loyalty and profitability – has faced the greatest hurdles.

The unmet need for digital and mobile onboarding presents an opportunity for growth. Customers will appreciate the ability to engage with you anytime and anywhere, without having to use paper or visit the branch for in-person ID verification. Digitization also makes it easier to quickly capture your customers’ preferences and offer products best suited to their needs.

Transform what used to be a lengthy and cumbersome process into a convenient, secure omnichannel experience. Leverage digital ID verification to confirm a new customer’s identity. Pre-fill forms to simplify the process, then close the loop with legally binding e-signatures to obtain the customer’s consent. And protect your mobile apps with application shielding. OneSpan is your trusted technology partner for a fully digital onboarding process. 

Business Goals

Let’s innovate together to deliver a cost-efficient, seamless process for onboarding new customers
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    Customer Experience

    Provide a convenient anytime, anywhere, any device engagement for your new and existing customers

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    Advanced Security

    Protect users, devices, and transactions with robust security solutions that secure every step of the digital journey

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    Ensure compliance with KYC, AML, privacy, and data protection requirements with ID Verification

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    Audit Trails

    Capture a detailed audit log of the onboarding process to demonstrate compliance and deflect legal disputes

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    Cost Efficiency

    Lower the cost of acquiring new customers by replacing paper-based forms and wet signatures with a fully digital process

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    Easy Integration

    Add the onboarding components to your online and mobile applications via our SDKs

Our Capabilities

Deliver a smooth digital onboarding experience with our ID verification and e-signature SDKs, supported by a powerful security platform
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    ID Capture and Verification

    Leverage a reliable ID capture and verification engine with facial recognition, liveness detection, and algorithmic-based checks

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    Automated Data Pre-fill

    Increase user convenience, thanks to a fast and accurate data pre-fill feature

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    Application Shielding

    Secure your mobile onboarding process from both known and unknown attack vectors with application shielding

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    Trusted Identity Platform

    Secure your users’ digital identities across channels and provide a seamless authentication experience

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    Automate document workflows and capture the customer’s consent with secure, legally binding electronic signatures – on any device

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    Compatibility Across Channels

    Enable a fully digital client onboarding process across your channels – online, mobile, call center, and branch 

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.