Fraud Prevention Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Drive down fraud while providing the best possible user experience.

How it works

Explore the balancing act between a frictionless user experience and fraud mitigation in this short video, and learn how OneSpan’s sophisticated fraud detection tools can achieve both goals.

Comprehensive Security Prevents Fraud

Despite significant investments in prevention, fraud continues to be a threat. Through advanced phishing techniques, rogue applications, and sophisticated malware, fraudsters are targeting banking applications and the traditional patchwork quilt of disparate fraud solutions just isn’t cutting it. Meanwhile, today’s users demand a seamless experience with no challenging security hurdles.

OneSpan offers risk analytics, mobile application shielding, and multi-factor authentication solutions that combine to achieve the twin goals of mitigating fraud and supporting growth.


Business Goals

Acquire and retain customers by providing the best possible customer experience while also reducing fraud

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    Enhanced User Experience

    Flexible, risk-based authentication methods provide the perfect amount of security for each transaction

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    Consistent Fraud Prevention

    Actively detect and prevent Man-in-the-middle and other sophisticated attacks across channels

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    Foster customer loyalty and achieve retention goals through a frictionless customer experience

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    Improved Risk Posture

    Effectively meet or exceed strict regional regulatory requirements

Our Capabilities

Protect your mobile and digital channels through a combination of risk analytics and machine learning on an open-architected platform

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    Risk Analytics

    Sophisticated risk analytics engine leveraging machine learning to better detect fraud in real time

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    Mobile Security Suite

    Natively integrate app shielding  to mitigate attacks and leading biometric authentication technologies for a frictionless experience

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    Adaptive Authentication

    Intelligent authentication solution designed to drive growth by improving the customer experience and reducing fraud

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    Trusted Identity Platform

    A cloud-based platform serving as the foundation for unique solutions that secure digital interactions across channels

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    Authentication Hardware

    DIGIPASS two-factor authenticator tokens deliver strong, cost-effective security

Case Study

This regional bank needed a proven fraud management solution that would operate invisibly to end users, enable growth in the mobile channel, and mitigate fraud

At OneSpan, our fraud experts created a full risk assessment for this bank. We also developed customized rules to address specific, local regulatory requirements. Post-launch, our team worked with the bank’s fraud group to fine-tune rules, driving increased efficiency and accuracy of fraud detection.

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.