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Identity & Access Management

Create a frictionless user experience with strong multi-factor authentication.

How it works

OneSpan’s face recognition technology leverages something as simple as a selfie to accurately authenticate users. See how this tool pairs a quick photo with a stored biometric template in this short video.

Secure, Frictionless Access

Enterprises and organizations of all types are tasked with providing their users secure access to applications, resources, and sensitive data. At the same time, those users need a frictionless customer experience to increase adoption. IT managers and CISOs must leverage sophisticated and easy-to-deploy solutions to securely authenticate users with the best possible experience.

OneSpan has the technology to easily authenticate users across digital channels while maintaining the right level of security.

Business Goals

Protect sensitive user information from cyber criminals in mobile and online banking applications, and deliver a frictionless user experience

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    Single sign-on convenience

    Users input identity credentials once for access to multiple web apps and networks

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    Powerful, flexible framework

    Broad hardware and software authentication solutions meet your unique needs through easy-to-deploy, modular security technologies

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    Simple and secure access

    Leverage frictionless authentication technologies to improve the user experience and protect networks and infrastructure

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    Ensured compliance

    Meet industry-specific compliance requirements and avoid penalties, lost revenue, and reputation damage

Our Capabilities

Proven technology trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions and enterprises

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    Mobile Authenticators

    Rapidly customize and deploy tailored mobile authenticator apps without the need for extensive technical support

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    Authentication Server

    Flexible, integrated enterprise authentication management system offering seamless access to corporate resources

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    Risk Analytics

    Sophisticated risk analytics engine leveraging machine learning to better detect fraud in real time

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    Mobile Security Suite

    Comprehensive, natively integrated application security, multi-factor authentication, and transaction

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    Authentication Hardware

    DIGIPASS® two-factor authenticator tokens deliver strong, cost-effective security

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    Adaptive Authentication

    Intelligent authentication solution designed to drive growth by improving the customer experience and reducing fraud

Case Study

In the Netherlands, we are familiar with OneSpan. Many Dutch banks use Digipass for online signing of banking transactions, and this creates trust.

— Rob Keemink, Director of the ICT department, ROC Amsterdam

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.