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Omnichannel Experience

Drive growth and loyalty through consistent, positive, and secure user experiences across channels.

Security Underpins Omnichannel Excellence

Customers expect anywhere, anytime access to bank services and information, across all of their devices. This radical growth of customer interaction touchpoints has blurred the lines between traditionally defined channels. In pursuit of omnichannel excellence, banks are changing the way channels are built, managed, and secured. 

To drive growth and loyalty in this new world, banks are focused on improving service as customers move between channels and devices. However, as fraud schemes become increasingly complex, malicious actors are targeting channel-specific vulnerabilities. To more effectively prevent fraud, banks require authentication and fraud detection solutions that span all channels.

OneSpan enables banks with omnichannel authentication solutions that mitigate fraud across digital channels, while delivering optimal user experiences that drive loyalty and growth.

Business Goals

Implement a differentiated omnichannel experience that meets customer expectations

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    Enable customers to securely use bank services any time, place, channel, or device they prefer


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    Real Time

    Embrace the real-time information delivery model and related technologies to serve customers what they want, when they want it

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    Leverage a strong omnichannel strategy with extensive and innovative authentication options to establish a more unique brand

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    Drive down operational costs by tuning channel utilization to favor lower cost channels like mobile

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive authentication, risk analysis, and app shielding solutions for omnichannel use cases

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    Adaptive Authentication

    Intelligent authentication solution designed to drive growth by improving the customer experience and reducing fraud

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    Trusted Identity Platform (TID)

    A cloud-based platform serving as the foundation for unique solutions that secure digital interactions across channels

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    Mobile Security Suite

    Natively integrate app shielding  to mitigate attacks and leading biometric authentication technologies for a frictionless experience

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    Risk Analytics

    Sophisticated risk analytics engine leveraging machine learning to better detect fraud in real time

Customer Use Case

By partnering with banking industry leader OneSpan and integrating its secure authentication and data signing solution into our mobile and e-banking applications, we have brought the best in security and user convenience to provide a great experience and help our customers feel confident their transactions are protected.

— Cristian Mustata, Head of Digital Strategy Department, Banca Comercială Română

Leverage our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.