Transaction Signing Transaction Signing

Transaction Signing

Defend against Man-in-the-middle and other sophisticated attacks by encrypting transaction details that can only be read and signed by a trusted device.

Advanced Transaction Protection

When dealing in payments, wire transfers, or other high-value online and mobile banking transactions, verifying and signing the transaction is of paramount importance. Social engineering schemes and banking Trojans enable Man-in-the-middle and other sophisticated attacks. This allows hackers to alter the details of a transaction, change the value, and reroute it to an imposter, without the customer noticing.

When initiated by the bank through an encrypted method, a transaction signing request gives customers a secure means to confirm transaction details before authorizing the transaction.

OneSpan’s patented Cronto technology simplifies transaction signing with an easy, intuitive experience. Built on best practices, our review-and-approve experience is the most convenient way to protect high value transactions.

Visual Transaction Signing

OneSpan’s Cronto technology mitigates the threat of banking Trojans and social engineering attacks with easy-to-use transaction signing technology. To authenticate the transaction, the user simply scans a Cronto code with their mobile device to reveal the details of the transaction. The user validates the details and securely authorizes the transaction.

Business Goals

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    Advanced Protection

    Leverage proven solutions that ensure simple and secure transaction signing

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    Enhanced User Experience

    Offer the easiest experience – simply scan the Cronto code to reveal and authorize transaction details

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    Out-of-band Technology

    Initiate and control the transaction signing process by delivering secure, out-of-band validation

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    Customer Trust

    Mitigate social engineering attacks and enable your users to conduct transactions confidently

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    Mitigate Human Risk

    Empower the bank to control and initiate the transaction signing request

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    PSD2 Compliance

    Transaction signing technology that is PSD2 compliant for strong authentication

Our Capabilities

OneSpan’s transaction signing provides versatile, cost-effective security

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    Authentication Server

    Flexible, integrated, and cost-effective authentication management

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    Authentication Software

    Extensive solution suite includes leading biometric, OOB options for frictionless mobile authentication

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    Authentication Hardware

    DIGIPASS® two-factor authenticator tokens deliver strong, cost-effective security

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    Mobile Security SDK

    Comprehensive, natively integrated application security, multi-factor authentication, and transaction signing

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Customer Use Case

Learn how Raiffeisen Italy implemented mobile authentication & mobile app shielding for PSD2 compliance and ease of use.

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