Webinar: Digitizing the Commercial Lending Process in Times of Crisis

18 June 2020 at 4PM AEST  |

Governments around the world are issuing economic stimulus and relief packages for businesses affected by the outbreak. From the EU, where the European Investment Fund will guarantee loans to help “provide liquidity to at least 100,000 European SMEs and small mid-cap companies” – to Japan, where SMBs are being offered interest-free loans and large corporations have access to crisis lending programs. Many businesses need these funds as quickly as possible. Financial institutions can support their business clients now, when they need it the most, with an expedited digital process.

Join this webinar in association with OneSpan & Loan Market on 18 June 2020 from 6AM BST and hear expert speakers discuss how to quickly digitize the commercial lending process in times of crisis, to meet customers in their moment of need, through the use of electronic signature and ID document verification.

Learn more on:

  • How e-signature can help meet the urgent need for small business loans
  • How can ID document verification help prevent fraud in the digital channel
  • Security and authentication tips
  • Loan Market use case