White paper

Rethinking digital account opening and onboarding

A guide to minimize abandonment and drive growth

Across banking, wealth management, lending, and insurance, the process of attracting and converting new customers is essential for growth. Successfully onboarding a new customer on their first attempt reduces the cost of customer acquisition, accelerates time-to-revenue, and reinforces loyalty.

Despite the push for end-to-end digitization, however, most account opening processes still involve manual steps. It’s time to rethink digital account opening.

In this report, we share best practices from organizations that have transformed account opening – so you can improve your customer experience, facilitate compliance, and reduce the risk of fraud.


  • Questions to help you evaluate your current state – and reimagine it  
  • Peer insights, including how one team hit 60% of quota in 2 months via mobile  
  • Overview of eSignature, smart digital forms, ID verification, video signing, and more