OneSpan Digipass Hardware Authentication

Secure high-value transactions with user-friendly Digipass® hardware authenticators and two factor authentication

Hardware Authentication Overview

Digipass hardware authenticators provide proven multi factor authentication and transaction data signing


One-button Authenticators

Digipass one-button authenticators support two factor authentication with OTP (one time passwords)

Transaction Validation

Transaction Signing

Create a transaction signature unique to each transaction to preserve data integrity and ensure authenticity

Card Reader

Card Readers

OneSpan card readers support account and transaction security for electronic and mobile banking with OTPs and transaction signatures


FIDO® Authenticators

Eliminate passwords and simplify the customer experience with phishing-resistant DIGIPASS FX1 BIO authenticators


Stop account takeover attacks and protect employees

Eliminate vulnerable passwords, enable faster logins, and enhance employee productivity without compromising on security.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is a phishing-resistant authenticator that enables passwordless authentication with fingerprint biometrics. With a simple touch, employees can access computers, networks, and hundreds of FIDO2-enabled services.​

One Button Authenticator

One-button Authenticators

Replace static passwords with two factor authentication

OneSpan’s single-button Digipass hardware authenticators enable two factor authentication (2FA) with one time passwords (OTP). These solutions support multiple OTPs, providing enhanced security for banks and application providers who need to secure multiple applications with a single device.

Digipass hardware authenticators as a differentiator for Riyad Bank

We’ve noticed that the security we offer our customers has given us even more of a competitive edge. A lot of people became Riyad Bank customers because we offer convenient and secure online services. Our customers can conduct their banking affairs online at their own convenience and are ensured the highest level of confidentiality.

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Rashed Al Othman

SVP-IT Governance, Riyad Bank

Transaction Signing

Secure transactions, elevate trust, and combat sophisticated threats

OneSpan’s transaction signing solutions create unique transaction signatures for each transaction, using data such as account numbers, transaction amount, and a time stamp.

This preserves data integrity and ensures authenticity, rendering any changes made after the transaction has been signed invalid.

Card Readers

Leverage your smart card technology to establish trust

As fraud becomes more sophisticated, financial institutions and other organizations are deploying strong authentication and using smart card technology to protect digital identities and secure online transactions.

OneSpan’s smart card readers optimize the investment in smart card technology by extending their use for account and transaction security – providing the perfect balance between security and ease of use.

Our customers use Digipass hardware authenticators to…

Reduce Fraud

SMBC distributes Digipass hardware authenticators to help defend against cyberattacks while strengthening customer confidence in SMBC’s services.

  • Defends against MITM and other attacks
  • Cost-efficient, high-volume solution

Secure Transactions

Mizuho Bank secures its online retail banking services using transaction signing with Digipass 275 to reduce online fraud.

  • Transaction signing provides excellent protection against the latest fraud schemes
  • Transaction signing and OTP authentication with one device

Secure Remote Access

Qatargas uses a combination of one-button hardware and mobile authenticators to secure remote network access.

  • Combination of Digipass hardware and mobile authenticators within a single infrastucture
  • Easy for system administrators to manage

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OneSpan offers a range of easy-to-use Digipass hardware authenticators to secure accounts, transactions, and remote access