Smart Card Readers

Digipass® Smart Card Readers support account and transaction security for electronic and mobile banking. These solutions optimize an organization’s investment in smart card technology by extending their use to include one-time passwords and electronic signatures.


Users increasingly demand easier and more convenient ways to access banking applications. OneSpan's Cronto® solutions are designed to elevate trust in online banking transactions, combating sophisticated threats while at the same time, delivering a frictionless experience for users.

Connectable card reader

Digipass 870 is a USB connectable personal card reader which can be used in both connected and unconnected mode. The large screen sets a new standard for e-signature offering high transaction security thanks to the “what you see is what you sign” (WYSIWYS) capability easily allowing the user to validate the key data on his Digipass 870 display before he signs the transaction.

Voice-enabled card reader

This smart card reader was especially designed for visually impaired individuals. It combines e-signature with EMV-CAP (Europay-Mastercard-Visa Chip Authentication Program) compliance. This smart card reader also satisfies the Disability Discrimination Act and the APACS standard.