Smart Card Readers

Digipass® Smart Card Readers support account and transaction security for electronic and mobile banking. These solutions optimize an organization’s investment in smart card technology by extending their use to include one-time passwords and electronic signatures.


Users increasingly demand easier and more convenient ways to access banking applications. OneSpan's Cronto® solutions are designed to elevate trust in online banking transactions, combating sophisticated threats while at the same time, delivering a frictionless experience for users.


OneSpan's Bluetooth Smart-enabled device achieves convenience for your users without compromising security. OneSpan's Bluetooth Smart-enabled solution delivers all the security advantages you’ve come to expect from OneSpan solutions, while offering a transparent experience for your users via instant Bluetooth connectivity from almost any mobile device.

Unconnected Card Readers

Digipass Readers combine secret values, stored on smart cards, with Digipass algorithms pre-programmed into the Digipass reader. These products optimize investment in smart card technology, by extending smart card use to include one-time passwords and electronic signatures.

USB smart card readers

USB Smart Card Readers can be used in connected and unconnected mode. When connected they can be used for PKI-based applications, such as e-ID or e-health applications. In unconnected mode they offer two-factor authentication and e-signature capability and are ideal for environments with high security requirements including PKI/digital signature, secure PIN verification, corporate network access, e-banking and e-commerce transactions.

Voice-enabled card reader

This smart card reader was especially designed for visually impaired individuals. It combines e-signature with EMV-CAP (Europay-Mastercard-Visa Chip Authentication Program) compliance. This smart card reader also satisfies the Disability Discrimination Act and the APACS standard.