Product Support Services

Call our technical support team with questions or to purchase a plan.

OneSpan offers a full spectrum of support options tailored to the demanding needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in providing world-class support so that our customers can rest assured that their end-users are well served. Below is a brief summary of support options – and our sales support staff is happy to consult with you in greater detail.

***PLEASE NOTE***: OneSpan customers that use Mobile Security Suite, Mobile Authenticator Studio, Mobile Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator ES (formerly DIGIPASS for Apps, DIGIPASS for Mobile, DIGIPASS App, or DIGIPASS for Mobile ES) need to take action before August 2019 to make sure they're compatible with the upcoming release of Android Q. Please read our OneSpan Knowledge Base articles “Prepare your Mobile Security Suite based App for Android Q” or “Prepare your Mobile Authenticator Studio based App for Android Q” to understand what’s required of you and your end-users.

Standard Business Support

The Standard Support Plan provides technical assistance Monday through Friday during standard business hours, except for holidays. Technical Support is organized per region – OneSpan distinguishes the following regions. OneSpan guarantees an email or telephone response to the customer’s designated contacts within 4 business hours.

Emergency Services

If a customer calls outside business hours without a 24x7 contract and requires immediate support, "Emergency Support Service" is available for purchase. Purchasing “Emergency Support Service” is available via the OneSpan support management system through an online order form.

Non-Stop Support

Outside of normal business hours, the OneSpan Support Team handles all support inquiries via email on a “soon as possible” basis (but not later than four hours after the start of normal business hours), or in accordance with the optional 24/7 Support Plan. Customers who contact the 24/7 support team will be asked for their Customer ID, which is provided upon initiation of a 24/7 Support Contract. It is important to provide authorized contacts at your organization with this Customer ID in order to obtain 24/7 without delay. 

24/7 Support Plan holders may contact OneSpan Technical Support using the central support number at +32 2 609 97 70 and customers in North America may call the US number (617) 410-9955.

Pay-Per-Incident Plan

Should a customer without a current support contract require assistance, they may contact OneSpan Technical Support to purchase an “incident”. Upon receipt of a valid purchase order, OneSpan Technical Support will investigate and troubleshoot the problem. The Pay-Per-Incident option provides technical support for a limit of one incident per single OnaSpan product. 

Call our technical support team with questions or to purchase a plan.

Remote Assistance Plan

The OneSpan Remote Assistance Plan assists customers with the installation and/or configuration of their OneSpan products. With this support option, an OneSpan Customer Support Engineer administers assistance through a remote desktop connection and/or telephone. 

Call our technical support team with questions or to purchase a plan.