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Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Drive down fraud, improve the customer experience, and meet compliance requirements with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Leverage powerful fraud detection and authentication orchestration to reduce fraud and optimize each digital experience

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    Fully Optimize the Customer Experience

    Deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across web and mobile channels to drive loyalty and service utilization.

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    Reduce Account Takeover Fraud

    Stop more fraud, including account takeover, with a powerful risk analytics engine that uses machine learning.

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    Meet Strict Regulations Faster

    Meet the strictest compliance requirements, including PSD2, with strong customer authentication (SCA), risk analytics, and app security.

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    Simplify Integration of New Fraud Technology

    Leverage a simple API architecture to seamlessly integrate new authentication and fraud technology.

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    Eliminate Weak Static Passwords

    Reduce password risks with strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) across mobile and online channels.

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    Better Assess Mobile Channel Risks

    Improve visibility into mobile channel risks across users, devices, and apps.


Intelligent Adaptive Authentication reduces account takeover fraud by leveraging multi factor authentication, machine learning-powered risk analytics, and app security

See how OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication helps financial institutions improve fraud detection and fraud prevention, meet strict compliance requirements, and drive growth goals through better digital experiences for customers.

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Deliver the best digital user experience with frictionless authentication

OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication applies a precise level of security for each unique customer interaction. No more, no less. Intelligent Adaptive Authentication offers a truly friction-appropriate approach which ensures the best possible user experience.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication accomplishes this through real-time analysis of vast amounts of user, device, and transaction data, resulting in a risk score. This score triggers automated security workflows that apply the exact security required for each transaction. 

OneSpan offers the deepest integration and visibility into the mobile channel. This ensures accurate fraud detection and fewer false positives – as well as more effective protection in the rapidly growing mobile channel.


The Future of Adaptive Authentication in the Financial Industry

In this research report, ISMG surveys over 150 FI executives to capture the current state of digital authentication and the market’s investment strategies for 2019. The report’s 28 pages of data and analysis provide the information you need to determine if your institution is behind the curve – and what to do about it.

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Drive down account takeover fraud with dynamic, omni channel fraud detection and authentication orchestration

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication protects against account takeover fraud by combining MFA with a powerful risk analytics engine that is powered by machine learning for more accurate fraud prevention in real time.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication collects comprehensive data on the integrity of the device and mobile apps, user behavior, transaction details, and other key contextual information to better understand risk and orchestrate the appropriate level of security. Higher risk activity automatically initiates additional authentication requirements. An analysis of vast, disparate data means more accurate fraud detection and fewer false positives.

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Fast track compliance with pre-configured fraud models and rule sets, along with fully integrated security features

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is a powerful, yet easily deployed, cloud solution that helps fast-track compliance with regulations like PSD2. With pre-configured rule-sets and predictive machine learning models tuned for specific applications like mobile, online, and corporate banking, the solution accelerates compliance from day one. 

Unlike other providers, OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution includes the risk analytics engine with pre-configured models, extensive authentication options, and mobile security. Adaptive authentication is a single, fully integrated solution backed by the most experienced industry support.


Leverage simple APIs and an open architecture to easily integrate future fraud prevention capabilities

OneSpan's Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution is powered by our Trusted Identity Platform – an open-architected cloud platform that leverages simple APIs and an orchestration technology stack. It effectively integrates the most advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA), risk analytics, and mobile security technologies.

The authentication orchestration feature also ensures that security administrators can deploy quick changes from one modality to another without changes to the mobile banking app.

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Replace passwords with risk-based authentication and proven biometric technology

OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication makes it easy for banks to completely do away with weak password security in favor of more advanced strong customer authentication (SCA).

Extensive multi-factor authentication options are available in OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution. These include: 

  • User-friendly face, fingerprint, and behavioral biometrics 
  • SMS and push notifications
  • Our patented Cronto® technology for transaction signing

The solution also leverages authentication orchestration technology to seamlessly apply one or more authentication methods based on the level of risk. 

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Establish trust across mobile users, devices, and apps by improving visibility into the mobile channel

OneSpan's Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution offers the deepest line-of-sight into the mobile channel. It does this by leveraging extensive device, app, and user data to accurately score the level of risk.

With this comprehensive mobile risk assessment, Intelligent Adaptive Authentication can identify new devices, remove compromised devices, and even transfer trust from one device to another.

Get started with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication, the most effective risk-based approach to reducing fraud and improving user experience

OneSpan can help prevent account takeover and other fraud, while meeting compliance goals and ensuring the best possible digital experience.