Analyst Report

The Future of Adaptive Authentication in the Financial Industry


autenticação adaptativa do relatório ismg

For this research report, ISMG surveyed over 150 FI executives to capture the current state of digital authentication and the market’s investment strategies for 2019. The report’s 28 pages of data and analysis provide the information you need to determine if your institution is behind the curve – and what to do about it.

ISMG and Aite offer candid insight into the top challenges FIs face in improving the customer authentication experience. Beyond the headache of legacy solutions tied to username/password technology, there are simply too many multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions to manage and too much complexity in coordinating them. As a result, 90% of FIs lag in their ability to authenticate customers and step-up security.

To solve this, 96% confirm that streamlining the authentication experience is their top priority in 2019. FIs are now turning to adaptive authentication to simplify the customer experience, reduce account fraud, and strengthen compliance.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Why 93% of respondents are prioritizing improvements to the authentication experience
  • How 53% of FIs are increasing their authentication budget – and where they will invest 
  • Why adaptive authentication is the top initiative for 2019 
  • How FIs calculate the ROI of authentication technologies 
  • Expert analysis from Aite Group, with recommendations on how the right authentication experience helps win and retain more customers 

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