Bionic Insurance: Combining In‑Person and Digital Interactions

 Bionic Insurance: Combining In-Person and Digital Interactions

Traditionally, carriers and agents relied on face-to-face meetings with customers to complete business applications, disclosures and policies. But in our increasingly remote world, consumers expect the ability to conduct business remotely.

Despite a surge in all-things “digital”, customers still value the human connection. That’s why a human-digital hybrid model is an important combination for replicating the in-person experience.


  • What will the future look like for the successful agent?
  • What tools can we leverage to ensure the customer is more included?
  • How would one incorporate a human - digital model to leverage max results?


  • Roberto Abbondio, Global Head of Digital Marketing & Digital Channel Growth, Generali
  • Bastiaan De Goei, Insurance Lead – Instabase/Former Head, AXA Next
  • David Allsopp, Director – Insurance and Wealth Management, OneSpan