Welcome to OneSpan's Privacy, Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility Center

On this page and the related links, you will find policies, processes and agreements related to OneSpan’s Privacy, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global corporate citizen with operations, employees, suppliers and customers in over 100 countries our commitment to sustainability and development of environmental, social and governance practices is increasingly a corporate focus. We believe in the commitment to sustainability and the results of our efforts bring renewed value to our customers, our employees, and our shareholders. Please follow the links on this page for excerpts from our environmental, community and human rights programs.


Privacy Highlights

OneSpan respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your Personal Data as a visitor to our corporate website, as an employment applicant or when you use and deploy our products. The privacy policies and related documentation made available explain the different ways your Personal Data may be collected, used, shared and processed as you interact with OneSpan and its affiliates. Documents in this section include:

  • The OneSpan Privacy Statements addresses information we collect in connection with your use of our corporate websites and in the context of our offline sales and marketing activities.
  • The OneSpan Product Privacy Statement describes the processing of personal data when you use our products or services.  For each OneSpan product or service a list of sub processors is provided.
  • Data Processing Addendums for various jurisdictions which govern, where applicable the processing of personal data performed by OneSpan and other third parties.

Compliance Highlights

Information under this section includes OneSpan’s Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct and other compliance related information.


Security Highlights

Optimizing security efforts and limited resources to properly protect OneSpan Information Systems and Information Assets requires a structured approach to identify the various assets needing to be protected, their relative importance to OneSpan, as well as the risks faced by such assets. We identify the security measures already in place, assess their effectiveness to help measure the residual risk, and prioritize any changes that would be required to lower the risk to an acceptable level for OneSpan.