OneSpan Sign integrations

Pre-built eSignature integrations for the business apps you use daily


Close deals faster. Enjoy greater visibility. Increase productivity.

Make the process of signing agreements with customers and partners even easier. Bring OneSpan Sign into your customer relationship management (CRM) platform such as Salesforce, Dynamics, and HubSpot, to maximize its potential. Start the eSigning process directly from the sales opportunity and store the completed contracts and audit trails back in each opportunity.

It’s time to work smarter.


Streamline workforce administration. Empower HR. Improve the employee and hiring experience.

Human resource (HR) teams navigate a variety of complex workflows to manage employees – as well as candidates during the talent acquisition process. Many of these interactions are often manual which takes too long, leads to errors, and presents security concerns.

Seamlessly connect OneSpan Sign into human resources information systems such as Workday and Greenhouse to streamline employee hiring, onboarding, and benefits management. Initiate signing agreements within the application, automatically store documents in employees’ and candidates’ respective profiles, and audit the entire process.

Empower your HR team to make employee hiring and management easier.

Productivity & storage

Simplify employee workflows. Minimize mistakes. Improve user experience.

Current business processes that require signatures for consent, approval, or authorization aren’t meeting modern demands. From using multiple applications to manual entries, many organizations are inefficient when it comes to signing documents. This leads to costly errors, time wasted, and audit concerns.

OneSpan Sign can be easily integrated with your organization’s favorite business platform such as Microsoft or Google. This way, document signing and storing is done automatically in your application of choice, while removing manual processes and any need to switch between programs.

Increase productivity and seamlessly agree across your organization’s ecosystem.

Vertical business applications

Though the OneSpan Sign Integration Platform is ready to use out of the box, we recognize that some organizations prefer to customize their workflows to their core systems via API and SDK.

Our embedded integrations include:

It’s time to streamline workflows regardless of the environment.