OneSpan Sign for Google Workspace

Streamline workflows by initiating the eSignature process in Google Workspace and keeping important signed documents in one central place. It’s time to elevate the user experience, boost productivity, and uphold compliance standards.

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Key challenge

Empower your team with integrated eSignature

OneSpan Sign for Google Workspace is a pre-built eSignature integration designed to improve user experience and simplify the document signing process, all while ensuring compliance and security. 

Increase employee productivity by initiating the transaction signing process directly from your favorite Google applications.

Streamline document management by storing automatically signed documents within Google applications.

Demonstrate compliance and auditability by storing signed documents within a secure environment.

OneSpan Sign for Google Drive

This pre-built integration seamlessly connects Google Drive and OneSpan Sign, giving you ease of access and peace of mind.

Documents are automatically stored in your Google Drive, removing the potential challenges associated with manual upload requirements. And, with built-in security features, such as encryption, authentication, audit trails, and access controls, your organization can rest easy knowing your documents are safe.

Simplify compliance by streamlining your document signing and storage process.

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Google Drive integration
OneSpan Sign for Google Sheets

OneSpan Sign for Google Sheets

Remove roadblocks and bottlenecks associated with manual uploads by enabling a seamless integration between Google Sheets and OneSpan Sign. In fact, when you update a Google Sheet with a new record, it will automatically initiate the eSigning process to the contacts specified in Google Sheets.

It’s time to do business faster.

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Who uses OneSpan Sign for
Google Workspace?

Who uses OneSpan Sign for Google Workspace

Anyone who is ready to enhance user experience and streamline customer workflows. OneSpan Sign for Google Workspace was built so you can initiate an eSignature process and store agreements with your favorite Google applications. No more manual processes or disruptions to the workflow. No more mistakes and compliance concerns.

Real business impact

Allocating budget and spending time developing integrations is unnecessary with OneSpan’s out-of-the-box integration for Google Workspace. In fact, feedback has shown 75% increase in onboarding efficiency, 90% cost savings with OneSpan’s built-in risk and compliance features, and 90% increase in employee productivity.

Built for a range of use cases
across industries


Sales orders
Partner agreements
Sales support
Payment terms
Delivery terms
Customer agreements

Human resources

Employment agreements
Policy documents
PTO management
Policy delivery
Privileged access agreements

Customer support
Customer Support

Asset tracking
Incident reporting
Access management
Maintenance agreements

Purchasing procurement

Purchase orders
Vendor/supplier contracts
Financing agreements/
payment terms
RFP sign-offs

FAQ for Google Workspace

What is an out-of-the box eSignature integration?
Traditional eSignature solutions connect through API or SDK, which requires significant development time and budget to implement eSignature across the entire ecosystem. OneSpan Sign for Google Workspace is an out-of-the-box integration which means it’s a no-code/low code connection that doesn’t require coding development. 

Which Google applications are supported with OneSpan Sign’s out-of-the-box integrations?
Google Drive and Google Sheets 

In which departments can OneSpan Sign for Google be used?
Sales, Purchasing/Procurement, Legal/Compliance, and Marketing

What are the most common use cases for OneSpan Sign for Google?
OneSpan Sign can be used as part of a digital agreement process with an employee, where a signature is used for internal agreements and procedures. It can also be used between employees and external business partners and customers.  

What are the benefits of OneSpan Sign for Google? 
Save time and money by increasing employee productivity and streamlining document management, while demonstrating compliance and auditability.

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