Over-the-shoulder view of a man using OneSpan software to self-manage credentials Over-the-shoulder view of a man using OneSpan software to self-manage credentials

Authentication Server​s

Secure access and transactions by deploying multi factor authentication and transaction signing capabilities at mass scale​

Leverage proven authentication server and API technologies to secure access and transactions, and streamline identity management​

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    Secure Access

    Provide strong user authentication to secure access to corporate resources and banking applications.  

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    Transaction Validation

    Enable highly secure transaction signing validation with user friendly Cronto® technology.

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    Authentication Lifecycle

    Simplify authentication lifecycle management via a single integrated system.

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    Low Cost of Ownership

    Easily support new standards in application and network access security for most major operating systems and platforms.

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    High Availability

    Ensure business continuity and eliminate server downtime and service disruptions with a high-availability replication infrastructure.

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    Effortless Deployment

    Deploy server solutions regardless of operating system or architecture. We offer a versatile solution, from turnkey to more customized deployments.

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Provide secure access using multi factor authentication

OneSpan server solutions validate authentication requests to offer secure and seamless access to a variety of corporate resources and applications. These solutions support OneSpan’s entire range of authentication solutions from OTP hardware to software tokens, including biometrics and Cronto.


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Secure transactions, elevate trust, and combat sophisticated threats

OneSpan’s authentication server solutions offer highly secure transaction signature validation for banks and financial institutions. Optional support is available for EMV-CAP support and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to validate the signature in a secure and tamper-proof environment. Confirming transactions or logging on has never been easier thanks to our patented Cronto technology.

Diagram showing floating graphics and caption words, and purple arrows to show Provisioning flow: Provisioning (Laptop screen), Creation (Paper icon with a plus symbol laid over it), Authorization (purple checkmark), Authentication (purple thumbprint with a checkmark laid over it), Management (purple server rack), Revocation (purple X)


Simplify operations with easy authentication lifecycle management

OneSpan server solutions provide you with all the tools necessary for complete authentication lifecycle management in one integrated system. Simplify lifecycle management with automation through rules, policies, workflows, and APIs for full customization.

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Leverage your IT investment

Our server solutions provide you with a cost-effective solution that leverages your IT investment and provides one centralized platform without any additional requirements for a separate server or database. 

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Ensure business continuity at all times

With a OneSpan authentication server, you don’t need to worry about server downtime and service disruptions. Its high reliability ensures that your users can get secure access to the system when they need it. Safeguard business continuity with a redundant infrastructure that supports load balancing and server replication.

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Flexible, simple, and fast deployment that fits your needs

OneSpan authentication server solutions can be customized and integrated into any existing application or environment, regardless of operating system and architecture. We help facilitate your authentication deployment with server platforms that scale to meet the needs of any size organization.

Our customers use OneSpan server solutions to…

  • Secure Application Access

    Mizuho Corporate Bank implemented a flexible, PC-independent authentication solution for its cash management service.

    Mizuho Bank Logo

    Authentication with OTP one time passwords to log on and sign cash transfers

    Easy to deploy with comprehensive documentation and training

    Reasonable cost without additional investments in servers and hardware

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  • Secure Transactions

    AG Bank secures its online and mobile services with a flexible security solution using different hardware and software solutions.

    AGBank logo

    Flexible transaction security based on platform, customer segment, and transaction value

    Well-received design that encourages user adoption

    Load balancing and redundancy of authentication system

    Low total cost of ownership

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  • Secure Remote Access

    A global law firm, Clyde & Co required a secure, scalable, and cost effective authentication solution capable of supporting a distributed workforce.

    Clyde and Co logo

    Secure access to the corporate network, Citrix portals, and VPN clients with multi factor authentication

    Combination of hardware and mobile OTP one time password authenticators with a single infrastucture

    Fast, efficient deployment

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Fully manage the authentication lifecycle of your customers and partners