Authentication Suite Datasheet

Elevate your organization’s security and boost customer trust with OneSpan Authentication Suite

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  • Tailored security with mobile licenses
    Extensive authentication options including DIGIPASS, Cronto, FIDO and OATH for a dependable secure user experience
  • Fortify application security
    Streamline secure deployment and lifecycle management of mobile apps.
  • Limitless scalability
    Built for high-volume customer applications like online banking, e-commerce, and gaming

Elevate your organization’s security and boost customer trust with OneSpan Authentication Suite, an end-to-end solution that strengthens organizational security, unifies authentication experiences across channels, and effortlessly adapts to evolving security demands over time. OneSpan Authentication Suite enables organizations to protect their users and their transactions from cybercrime and unauthorized access, and strengthen security defenses with ease and assurance.

In the age of digital transformation, technology advancements bring unprecedented opportunities, but simultaneously expose organizations to escalating cyber threats. This broader attack surface provides cyber criminals with multiple entry points to critical applications and sensitive data. OneSpan Authentication Suite enables organizations to customize authentication methods, ensuring a tailored defense against diverse and sophisticated threats.

Comprehensive end-to-end solution

OneSpan Authentication Suite offers an end-to-end multifactor authentication solution, catering to organizations seeking a diverse array of authentication capabilities in a single integration. This comprehensive suite includes an API-based authentication backend, accommodating both hardware and software authenticators, and a versatile mobile SDK.

OneSpan Authentication Suite comprises several integral modules:

  • Authentication Suite Server: An API-driven authentication platform that validates authentication requests and transaction authentication codes, providing a robust defense against Adversary-in-the-Middle attacks.
  • Authentication Suite Mobile SDK: A comprehensive toolkit for mobile app security, offering strong authentication, dynamic linking, WYSIWYS (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Sign), and authentication orchestration, ensuring an improved authentication user experience. With a vast API library, the Mobile SDK strengthens app security while simplifying secure deployment and management of mobile applications.
  • Cronto® Generation SDK: This innovative visual transaction authentication solution is patented to fortify banks and financial institutions against sophisticated Adversary-in-the-Middle attacks. Cronto® guarantees an intuitive transaction verification and signing experience, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Tailored authentication for your unique needs

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. OneSpan Authentication Suite excels in customizing authentication methods to meet your organization’s unique security needs. Tailor authentication methods precisely to your application requirements, ensuring unmatched protection. With default inclusion of mobile authentication licenses, your security extends seamlessly to mobile users, enhancing overall protection across all fronts. Each user receives a multi-device license, enabling seamless migrations between devices without requiring a new authentication license to be issued.

Seamless integration for enhanced security

OneSpan Authentication Suite’s API based approach allows easy integration of enhanced security measures into any existing applications, regardless of operating systems, data model or architecture. This streamlined integration reduces development efforts, ensuring a smooth transition to heightened security without disrupting your current setup.

Limitless scalability for massive deployments

As your organization grows, so does the need for scalable security OneSpan Authentication Suite caters to organizations’ distinct security needs in high-traffic customer applications like online banking, e-commerce, gaming, and web portals. Handling increased user loads and transaction volumes is straightforward. Your scalability remains agile, supporting the dynamic nature of modern business.

High availability for reliable access

OneSpan Authentication Suite’s API ensures continuous service, eliminating concerns about server downtime or interruptions. Its unmatched reliability guarantees secure system access for users precisely when required.

Secure communication channel

OneSpan Authentication Suite employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that sensitive data, transactions, critical communications, and device activation data remain protected from unauthorized access or interception. This heightened security instils trust among users and stakeholders, assuring them that their data is protected and reducing the risk of data compromise or theft.

Secure mobile app development

OneSpan Authentication Suite Mobile SDK enhances security across various essential components of your mobile app, from data storage and device bindings to user interfaces, remote sessions, and on-board biometrics.


Designed to swiftly address regulatory requirements in various industries and geographical regions, OneSpan Authentication Suite is the right fit for compliant implementations, including adherence to the PSD2 regulation in the EU. This achievement stems from its proven track record in delivering strong customer authentication and dynamic linking functionalities, combined with mobile application security coverage.

OneSpan Authentication Suite



Support for most processors and platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris Sparc
  • AIX
  • AS/400
  • z/OS
  • Z/Linux

Hardware Security Modules

  • Thales ProtectServer2 and ProtectServer 3 (K5 ARM and K6 Power PC architectures)
  • Entrust nShield Connect XC (Windows and Linux 64 bit only)



  • C / C++
  • Java
  • C# (.net)

Unix/Linux Systems:

  • C / C++
  • Java


  • C / C++
  • Java
  • PL1
  • Assembler



Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 or later