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Professional Plan


Everything you need to start using e-signatures in minutes – right out of the box

Enterprise Plan


Integrate e-signing capabilities into your web applications, mobile apps and core systems.

Includes Pre-Built Connectors

Add e-signing to the business applications that you know and use every day using pre-built OneSpan Sign connectors.

Available with both plans

Trusted Identity Platform - Secure & Global Compliance Ready

Deployment options

Public Cloud

Use OneSpan Sign in the cloud for maximum flexibility and cost savings. Our solution can be hosted in any one of the growing number of global cloud locations and provides best-in-class security to ensure your company and customer data is safe and secure.

Private Cloud

Deploy a dedicated hosted instance of OneSpan Sign in a private cloud for your organization.


Deploy and manage OneSpan Sign on your organization’s own infrastructure for maximum control

Combination of above

OneSpan Sign can be delivered publicly or privately on the cloud, as well as on-premises behind your company’s firewall. Our unified e-signature platform gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to deploy the service. Change at any time as your needs and policies change.

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Performance and availability

Global data centers

OneSpan Sign is hosted in the US, Canada, EU and Australia to fulfill in-country data residency requirements and ensure minimal data latency. By leveraging the global data center networks of our cloud infrastructure partners, we can also quickly deploy new instances of OneSpan Sign virtually anywhere in the world.

> 99.99% uptime

Every instance of OneSpan Sign is hosted on redundant and resilient cloud infrastructures, enabling us to deliver 99.99% uptime to our customers and users worldwide.

Service availability status

OneSpan Sign publishes and updates availability status on the Trust Center in real-time, for all global OneSpan Sign environments, so you know the service is available when you need it. View the up-time percentages on the Trust Center.


Security and Compliance

Compliance standards

OneSpan Sign has successfully completed the rigorous SOC 2 Type II security audit. Our service is continuously monitored and is protected against unauthorized access, use and modification to keep your company and customer data safe and secure. Download a summary of the auditor’s report on the Trust Center.

In addition, OneSpan Sign is the only e-signature provider that is available in a FedRAMP compliant cloud to provide a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and monitoring for cloud services used by U.S. federal agencies.

For the U.S. healthcare industry, OneSpan Sign is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

User authentication

Verify recipient credentials prior to giving them access to the transaction. Email, SMS text code and Q&A are included with all OneSpan Sign plans. OneSpan Sign also integrates with 3rd party knowledge-based authentication (KBA) services such as Equifax.

Moreover, OneSpan Sign provides the ability to authenticate users downstream at the point of signing through the support for personal digital certificates (i.e., stored on national eID cards, CAC/PIV smartcards, etc.), derived credentials, facial & fingerprint biometrics, 3rd party ID verification services (e.g., iDIN), as well as support for OneSpan's DIGIPASS line of multifactor authentication solutions.

Download our white paper for guidance on how to select the right user authentication techniques for your transactions.

Qualified Electronic Signatures

OneSpan Sign provides a solution for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES). We facilitate legally binding Qualified E-Signatures through our partnerships with Qualified Trust Service Providers. 

A Qualified Electronic Signature is created using a digital certificate (known as a qualified certificate) assigned to an individual. Consider this as the digital equivalent of a government-issued identity card or passport. 

The qualified certificate and associated key must be obtained from a Qualified Trust Service Provider or Qualified Certificate Authority. It is provided to the individual on a smart card or USB device. That person must connect the smart card or USB device to their computer or mobile device when signing a document, and must enter at least a user ID/password to access their qualified certificate.  

To learn more, visit our Qualified Electronic Signatures page.

Digital certificates

OneSpan Sign can leverage digital certificates issued by third-party Trust Service Providers (TSPs), including Certificate Authorities (CAs), or by your own public key infrastructure (PKI). We support digital certificates stored on the user’s system, government-issued smart cards (e.g., CAC/PIV, national eIDs, etc.) and hardware tokens to authenticate the identity of users. Learn more about digital signatures and certificates.

OneSpan Sign complies with ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS Regulation in the EU and other e-sign regulations around the world. Download our Global E-Signatures eBook for information on e-signature laws around the world.

Vendor-independent audit trails

Each signature is secured with a digital signature that securely links the signer to the document to ensure accuracy and prove compliance.

Complete audit trail reports who signed, in what order, at what time and where. Audit trails are embedded in the document and travel everywhere, seamlessly with the record. Records can be stored in any system of your choice.

OneSpan Sign is the only e-signature solution to offer a visual audit trail that captures and replays the entire signing process from start to finish – as experienced by signers.

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Optimized Signing Exprience

White-labeling & anti-phishing

Completely white-label the e-signature process and put your brand front and center on web pages and emails that signers see. Add your logo and customize the email content and sender domain to reflect your brand and retain full control over the look-and-feel of your web application. A fully branded transaction reinforces customer trust and ensures you achieve the highest adoption rates.
White-labeling is also protects your brand and your customers, and deters sophisticated phishing scammers from making you their next target.

Multi-device and channel ready

Create the best signer experience for any channel and process – whether that’s online, on a mobile device, in a call center, in-branch or in-person.

OneSpan Sign is mobile-optimized and can automatically detect small form factor devices such as smart phones.

Remote and in-person signing

Send documents for signature and let recipients e-sign either in a face-to-face scenario or remotely over the Web.

Mobile signature capture

Turn your signer’s mobile device into a mobile signature capture pad to capture handwritten signatures. Cross-device support for desktop users to e-sign from their mobile device. No app or plug-in required.


Forms and Workflow

Forms & reusable templates

Accelerate the document preparation process by using templates, layouts and text tags for documents that you frequently send for signature. Set up signature and field placements to reduce the number of steps to get documents out for e-signing.

Advanced form functionality includes check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and text boxes, and more.

Transaction management

Get full control over who sees each document with workflow and document visibility features.

Monitor the progress of your transactions, and manage and archive transactions in OneSpan Sign and/or your system of record. Reports and dashboards allow you to view and track e-sign transactions.

Groups and permissions

Manage role-based signing rules through groups and permissions. Requests for signatures can be managed, delegated and shared among members of a group.

Signer attachments

Prompt your signers to attach supporting documentation during the e-signing process, such as a photo of a driver's license or additional PDF documents.


International and Support

Global language support

OneSpan Sign supports English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Danish and Greek for both senders and signers, and we’re adding new languages continually.

Developer Community

The OneSpan Sign Developer Community is a free online resource with access to developer tools, complete API/SDK documentation, sample code and an open peer forum. Join the community to get started with your free, unlimited sandbox account.

Technical support included

We provide email, phone and live chat technical support on all OneSpan Sign plans to troubleshoot your product-related issues until the problem is resolved. We also provide access to online documentation with complete deployment and user guides to help you quickly get started.

For users who prefer to learn at their own pace, visit the Live Support Center for video tutorials, FAQs and step-by-step guides.

Professional services

Our professional services team is made up of project managers, software architects, technical consultants and QA experts that can provide guidance and best practices for each step of your e-signature implementation. 

Learn more  

For Professional Plan

Print Driver

The OneSpan Sign Print Driver allows you to easily send documents directly to OneSpan Sign from any Windows-based application. Simply print to “Send to OneSpan Sign” from applications like Word, Excel, Google Docs and PDF to send your documents for signature.

Mobile apps

Access your account and create and manage transactions from the OneSpan Sign native mobile app for iOS and Android. We also offer a mobile SDK that helps you integrate e-signing capabilities into your existing mobile apps. Learn more about mobile e-signatures.

For government organizations, try the e-Sign for Government app, designed specifically for government users in mind.

Bulk Send

The Bulk Send feature lets you quickly send the same document to multiple recipients without having to prepare individual transactions. Simply import your list of signers and each will receive a unique transaction to complete. Learn more about this add-on option.

Fast Track

Fast Track lets you create a dedicated URL for your transaction that you can embed into your website or secure portal. Zero integration or development is required. This feature is ideal for high volume, repeatable processes such as NDAs and standard contracts. Learn more about this add-on option.


The eNotary feature allows notaries to easily and electronically notarize documents without the hassles of paper. Authorized notaries and signers conduct signing in a face-to-face scenario. Once the transaction is complete, the notary seal is digitally applied to the documents by OneSpan Sign.

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)

OneSpan Sign integrates easily with third-party ID verification services such as Equifax eIDVerifier to present the signer with a list of out-of-wallet questions generated on the fly. Learn more about this add-on option.

For the Enterprise Plan

Open REST API and fully supported SDKs

Build your own custom integration to OneSpan Sign using our public REST API and fully supported .NET, Java, APEX and iOS and Android SDKs. Our tools facilitate rapid development, testing and deployment. Join the Developer Community to get started with a free Sandbox account.

Advanced workflow customization

Fully customize the document preparation and signing workflows and trigger specific events for your unique business processes and customer transactions to ensure the highest possible adoption.

Seamlessly integrate OneSpan Sign with your upstream (e.g., document generation) and downstream (e.g., archival & storage) processes.

Third-party data fields

Tightly integrate with and link your data fields to/from other apps and systems. Data moves bidirectionally — from the third-party system to your document and vice versa.

Single sign-on (SSO) integration

Set up SAML/OAuth to allow your company’s users to login to OneSpan Sign using single sign-on (SSO).

Access to other OneSpan solutions

Access to the OneSpan Sign web & mobile apps and pre-built connectors for your user-driven, ad hoc processes across the enterprise.

Mortgage lenders, auto financers and equipment lessors, learn about our eClosing solution and how to transfer your loan agreements to a third-party vault.

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What are customers saying about OneSpan Sign?

[OneSpan Sign] has allowed us to meet the requirements of two very different business processes without having to invest in the typical upfront infrastructure and resources for an on-premises solution.


Alec Blundell

Vice-President, Individual Life Insurance, The Co-operators

With [OneSpan Sign] we are now getting back documents more quickly and accurately and with much less effort on the part of our customer.


Anne C. Doligale

Senior VP, Signature Bank


What are the usage limits for the Professional Plan?

Our Professional Plan includes 1000 transactions per user per year. If you exceed 1000 transactions, our team will contact you 90 days prior to the renewal date to help you choose the plan or transaction volume that best meets your needs. All clients are subject to our Service Use Guidelines and Conditions.


How do I buy more user licenses for my plan?

If you require additional user licenses, please contact your customer success representative.


Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you notify us that you'd like to change your plan or cancel your account at least 60 days prior to the renewal date. Review your subscription contract for renewal information.

How can I upgrade from the Free to the Professional or Enterprise Plan?

Contact your customer success representative to upgrade from the Free Plan to the Professional or Enterprise Plan.



Do my signers need a OneSpan Sign account?

No. Your signers do not need a OneSpan Sign account to sign documents. An email will be sent to your signers notifying them when a document requires their signature. Once signing is completed, you and your signers will receive a copy of the document.

How do I cancel or change my subscription?

You may cancel or change plans whenever you wish. Contact your customer success representative to cancel or change your subscription.