OneSpan Sign for Guidewire PolicyCenter™ Datasheet

Deliver frictionless sign-up processes for your policy holders along with an easy, secure, and seamless way to manage their business applications with OneSpan Sign for Guidewire PolicyCenter™.


Get up and running with e-signatures in minutes with little to no IT involvement at all and customize your application based on your business requirements:
  • Launch the OneSpan Sign Designer from within PolicyCenter™
  • Drag & drop signature blocks and fields into documents or use text anchors to autogenerate documents
  • Support for signers required to upload attachments and artifacts to their e-signature package
  • Multi-language support via the OneSpan Sign Platform
  • Automatic download of signed artifacts and uploaded attachments, including evidence summary
  • Track the progress of the digital transaction to know whether it’s been viewed, signed, or declined
  • E-Signed documents include embedded audit trails and tamper-evident signatures that record who signed, in what order, when, and where

The OneSpan Sign Accelerator for Guidewire PolicyCenter™ is an e-signature solution that enables insurance carriers and agents to provide policyholders with a frictionless sign-up process, to easily and securely submit new business applications digitally, and to maintain accounts without paper.

With OneSpan Sign for Guidewire PolicyCenter™, Guidewire customers will be able to leverage OneSpan Sign’s intuitive and secure e-signature integration in all distribution channels, including agent, call center, online, and mobile. Clients can now achieve end-to end digitization of their business processes from their first touch to their last, without needing to revert to paper. Not only does this provide them with a more convenient and secure way to sign, send, and manage their documents, it also reduces manual data driven errors and the costs of working with paper. Recipients can conveniently review and sign documents from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

OneSpan Sign for Guidewire PolicyCenter™ handles many different scenarios, including:

  • Managing multiple documents and signers with serial or parallel signing processes
  • Applying an additional layer of security with authentication methods like email, SMS text code, and Q&A
  • Implementing built-in reminders and notifications for documents sent out for signatures
  • e-Notary or in-person signing
  • Customizing the signer experience across any channel and any device, including mobile
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Add e-signatures to all kinds of insurance documents, such as:

  • Account application form
  • New policy form
  • Policy renewal form
  • Change of information form
  • And more


select document

Select Document

Select the document from your GuideWire PolicyCenter™ Account and start creating your OneSpan Package for signing.

review and prepare

Review and Prepare

After adding your recipients, drag and drop signature blocks and fields into your document and then send for signatures

Create Draft Package

Create Draft Package

Choose from a number of advanced options like notifications, reminders, signer order, notarization, and more to set up your document for e-signatures

Send and Track

Send and Track

Monitor the progress of the e-sign transaction in Guidewire PolicyCenter™ and store the e-signed document and it’s evidence summary right back in your Account File Documents folder


most flexible solution

Most Flexible Solution

Most deployment options: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises behind the firewall (for any project size, complexity, or budget).

Configurable workflows and a wide range of user authentication options and signature capture methods.

highest adoption rates

Highest Adoption Rates

Fully white-label the e-sign process and deliver the best signer experience – from simple to the most complex workflows.

Ease of use across channels and devices from 20+ years of best practices.

most comprehensive

Most Comprehensive Audit Trails

Static and patented visual audit trails make it easy to demonstrate compliance and prove exactly what was signed and how it was signed.

secure legal and compliant

Secure, Legal, and Compliant

Tamper-evident seal for each signature.

One-click, vendor-independent verification of signatures.

OneSpan Sign meets the highest security standards including SOC 2, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.