Optimize Your Digital Contracting with OneSpan Sign for Laserfiche

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Recorded: Feb 1, 2022 for Laserfiche Empower 2022

Presenter: Michael Williams, Director of Partner and Developer Technologies

As many organizations in highly regulated areas like financial services or state & local governments have begun to embrace digital forms and workflows, they must take advantage of the right technologies to achieve a perfect balance between security and ease of use. That is why OneSpan is proud to be a part of the Laserfiche community as a solution provider with a fully integrated connector that enables a completely secure and digital document signing experience.

Whether it be vendor contracts, NDAs, proposals, legal or HR agreements, our pre-built integration is designed to allow you to easily prepare, manage, send any document for e-signature directly from Laserfiche. In this video, Michael Williams, Director of Partner and Developer Technologies at OneSpan covers how OneSpan Sign for Laserfiche accelerates and secures digital agreement processes between customers, internal signers, or external suppliers.

In this on-demand video, we cover:

  • The top 8 reasons to choose OneSpan Sign e-signatures for Laserfiche
  • Workflow automation rules and customization options to support any use case
  • How to send a document for e-signature from within Laserfiche Repository and Laserfiche Workflow (On Premise & Cloud)