OneSpan Integration Platform Datasheet

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OneSpan’s modern Integration Platform allows you to use a single solution to connect eSignature to your favorite business applications in an easy, secure, and cost-efficient way.


IT teams find it hard to maintain multiple applications and employees struggle to complete their work while navigating between numerous applications. Rather than investing in costly, complex, custom integrations, the industry has shifted its focus to a new approach: building configurable workflow integrations that are easy to develop and maintain. These out-of-the-box configurable integrations create a streamlined and cost-effective approach to elevate productivity.

OneSpan Integration Platform is a modern platform that offers a low-code/no-code approach to implement an eSignature solution directly into existing workflows without the need for developer resources.

The platform has the ability to support a comprehensive list of 1,000 application integrations, all of which are easily adaptable to users’ unique workflows.

With OneSpan Integration Platform, you can solve business challenges such as:

  • Limited use cases

Traditional eSignature solutions deliver limited digital agreement and integration capabilities. In many cases, businesses are using multiple eSignature applications, since they haven’t found one application to service all use cases across the enterprise.

  • Complex and time-consuming workflows

Inefficiencies and bottlenecks are present in many business processes. Partially digitized workflows are especially inefficient because they start out digital, but then involve time-consuming manual steps and/or switching between applications to get the job done.

  • Increased security risks

It is difficult to keep the entire infrastructure of different applications updated against the latest vulnerabilities.

  • Expensive

The primary objective for today’s organizations is value optimization. Even large organizations don’t want to invest in their own development and expect this to be covered by the vendor.

How it works

The OneSpan Integration Platform is easy to implement in any department across any organization. As we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach, businesses are able to choose between different options:

Out-of-the-box integrations

The platform has the ability to support a comprehensive list of 1000+ applications integrations that allow users to initiate and store transactions in business systems of choice such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and others.

Custom integrations

Choose custom build integrations for vertical applications such as Guidewire, Pega and Laserfiche.

Bring your own iPaaS (BYOI)

Use your own preferred IPaaS system to connect your desired application with OneSpan Sign.

Product benefits

The OneSpan Integration Platform is adaptable for any organization, in any industry, to accommodate their unique workflow.

Increase business agility

Cover multiple eSignature use cases across the entire organization with a comprehensive list of available application integrations.

Accelerate implementation speed and efficiency

Easily create eSignature workflows without extensive coding using pre-built workflow recipes.

Mitigate risks and keep sensitive information safe

Benefit from pre-tested workflows and built-in security features such as encryption, access controls, and authentication.

Reduce IT costs

Reduce the need for specialized development skills and minimize costs with low-code/no-code development.

Why OneSpan

Customer satisfaction: We’re the eSignature software that enterprises love. Rated as the top choice on G2, OneSpan Sign has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.

Enterprise-grade solution: Trusted by major organizations globally, we have a long track record in highly regulated industries.

Security and compliance expertise: With over 30 years of experience, we are a global leader in authentication and have been recognized in security reports by industry analysts such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan.

OneSpan Sign Integration Platform is a comprehensive solution to allow flexibility, boost speed and efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risks.