OneSpan Sign for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ Datasheet

Digitize your claims lifecycle management process from end-to-end by erasing the manual process of signing documents with ink and paper with OneSpan Sign for Guidewire ClaimCenter™

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Get up and running with e-signatures in minutes with little to no IT involvement at all and customize your application based on your business requirements:
  • Launch the OneSpan Sign Designer from within ClaimCenter™
  • Drag & drop signature blocks and fields into documents or use text anchors to autogenerate documents
  • Support for signers required to upload attachments and artifacts to their e-signature package
  • Multi-language support via the OneSpan Sign Platform
  • Automatic download of signed artifacts and uploaded attachments, including evidence summary
  • Track the progress of the digital transaction to know whether it’s been viewed, signed, or declined
  • E-Signed documents include embedded audit trails and tamper-evident signatures that record who signed, in what order, when, and where

Empower your claims agents, appraisers, and clients with faster document processing by adding the strength of e-signatures to your Guidewire ClaimCenter™ workflows with OneSpan Sign for Guidewire ClaimCenter™. This pre-built accelerator will enable insurers to obtain secure and 100% legal e-signatures for any document originating from their system in an easy and intuitive way.

Eliminating the manual process of signing documents will accelerate the claims process while capturing a digital audit trail of each signer’s actions. Recipients can conveniently review and sign documents from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The OneSpan Sign Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ helps increase productivity of insurers, improve the customer’s experience with an easy and fast process, and eliminate time delays.

OneSpan Sign for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ handles many different scenarios, including:

  • Managing multiple documents and signers with serial or parallel signing processes
  • Applying an additional layer of security with authentication methods like email, SMS text code, and Q&A
  • Implementing built-in reminders and notifications for documents sent out for signatures
  • e-Notary or in-person signing
  • Customizing the signer experience across any channel and any device, including mobile
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Add e-signatures to all kinds of insurance documents, such as:

  • New claim form
  • Proof of loss form
  • Settlement release form
  • Claimant’s statement form
  • And more


  • Select Document
    Select the policy document from ClaimCenter that requires an e‑signature
  • Prepare the Document
    Add your signers and include advanced options like built‑in reminders & notifications, signing order, and authentication methods

    Add signature fields and data capture fields in the document then send out for e‑signing
  • Document Signing
    After sending the document, your signers can e-sign the claim document anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Archive
    After signing is complete, e-signed documents with their audit trails are automatically stored in ClaimCenter



  • Most Flexible Solution
    • Configurable workflows and a wide range of user authentication options and signature capture methods.
  • Secure, Legal, & Compliant
    • Tamper-evident seal for each signature.
    • One-click, vendor-independent verification of signatures.
    • OneSpan Sign meets the highest security standards, including SOC 2, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.
  • Highest Adoption Rates
    • Intuitive signing on any device and the ability to fully white-label the
      e-sign process delivers a superior customer experience.
  • Single, Unified Audit Trail
    • Captures identity verification, authentication, and e-signature events to demonstrate compliance and prove how the signer was identified, what they signed, when, and where.