OneSpan Sign for Salesforce Datasheet

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OneSpan Sign for Salesforce is an out-of-the-box eSignature integration with Salesforce. It modernizes and streamlines the document signing process directly in your favorite CRM, so you can enhance the customer experience, increase seller productivity, and simplify compliance.


With OneSpan Sign for Salesforce, you can solve business challenges such as:

  • Disjointed sales process

Sales processes that require signatures are often disjointed and involve numerous manual steps or switching between applications.

  • Piling administrative tasks

Sales reps spend too much time on administrative tasks, like creating agreements, taking away from core selling activities. Reps could be closing more deals if they spend less time on paperwork.

  • Lost and misplaced contracts

Manual steps are prone to errors, including misplaced contracts, offers and NDAs, incomplete information, or incorrect data entry.

  • Inadequate auditability

Complex workflows may also raise compliance concerns, especially in regulated industries. Manual operations increase the risk of non-compliance due to errors or lack of oversight in document management.

How it works

  • The document signing process gets launched automatically when you complete a specific action in Salesforce: Updating an opportunity stage starts the signature process and sends out the document for signature.
  • Recipients access the document securely and eSign it.
  • Once all required signatures are captured, the document is automatically marked completed.
  • Signed documents are automatically stored within the Salesforce opportunity.  This automatic document management eliminates the need for manual uploading and ensures that all signed documents are securely stored within your familiar Salesforce environment. 
  • Your organization can audit the entire signing process, including who signed the document, when it was signed, and any modifications made.
  • This comprehensive audit trail provides transparency and accountability, helping your organization demonstrate compliance during audits or deter legal disputes.

Product Benefits

Increase your sales team’s productivity with the ability to automatically start an eSignature transaction directly from Salesforce. No need to switch apps anymore.

Enable sellers to close deals faster with automated workflows running in the background. The seller doesn’t need to spend time manually setting up their agreement transaction and customers get a fully digital experience.  

Streamline opportunity management and increase pipeline visibility by automatically storing signed documents within Salesforce. With automated workflows running in the background, the seller doesn’t need to spend time manually setting up their agreement transaction. Managers get full visibility into the sales pipeline.

Demonstrate compliance and auditability with the ability to track and store signed documents with their embedded audit trail within a secure environment.

Why OneSpan

G2 Users Love Us 2024


Customer satisfaction: We’re the eSignature software that enterprises love. Rated as the top choice on G2, OneSpan Sign has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.

Enterprise-grade solution: Trusted by major organizations globally, we have a long track record in highly regulated industries.

Security and compliance expertise: With over 30 years of experience, we are a global leader in authentication and have been recognized in security reports by industry analysts such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan.

OneSpan Sign Integration for Salesforce is a comprehensive solution that can increase the productivity of your sales team, enable them to close deals faster and more easily, gain visibility on deals, and improve the customer experience.