For complex forms, help users review, complete, and sign agreements with OneSpan and Smart Communications

Optimized Signing Experience

Enterprise-grade E-Signature Solution

Leverage OneSpan Sign’s best-in-class capabilities for the most seamless signing experience

Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Simplify agreements with step-by-step, conversational experiences and mobile-ready forms that helps your customers get to YES faster

Financial Strength

Accelerate ROI

Increase customer completion rates and accelerate customer acquisition with OneSpan Sign and Smart Communications

Cloud Two ways

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Two-way data flow eliminates the need to manually enter data into documents that require e-signing - reducing errors and costs with paper-based processes

Document Security

Advanced Security

Military-grade security protects your documents and users against fraud. The most comprehensive audit trails prove compliance and deter legal disputes

Forms and Workflow

Enhanced Workflow Customization

Set e-signing workflow rules in SmartCOMM™and SmartIQ™ to ensure that the process is 100% digital and accurate

OneSpan Sign for SmartCOMM™

Leverage this electronic signature integration to deliver personalized, interactive communications with your customers across all channels.

  • Enhance digital customer interactions by creating engaging, two-way communications with e-signatures 
  • Leverage templates and other pre-existing content and data from systems of record to streamline and reduce the number of steps to get documents out for e-signing
  • Expedite the review process and get instant online approvals with e-signatures

SmartComm Screenshot Laptop and mobile esignature

OneSpan Sign for SmartIQ™

Transform traditional PDF-based processes into intelligent, guided forms integrated with e-signatures. 

  • Turn long, complex forms into intuitive, mobile-friendly forms and agreements that make it easy for users to review, complete, and sign
  • Create smart forms that automatically adapt based on previous responses
  • Leverage answers to generate a signature-ready agreement in OneSpan Sign

How a Top-tier US Bank Digitally Transformed Supply Chain Financing
Case Study

How a Top-tier US Bank Digitally Transformed Supply Chain Financing

A top U.S. bank had an 8 month deadline to develop a competitive online supplier finance enrollment process. With OneSpan Sign for SmartIQ, they were ready in 2 weeks.  

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Enterprise-grade E-Signature Solution

Built on decades of best-in-class e-signature capabilities for the most secure signing experience

OneSpan has a proven track record of helping clients in regulated industries, such as Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, and Government. Our e-signature solution helps customers increase their ROI across a number of use cases, workflows, and channels.

Our solution has flexible functionality options for authentication, signature capture methods, and a number of workflow options. We take pride in helping our clients enhance digital experiences for their customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Create a unique customer experience with mobile-ready forms and white-labelling capabilities

Quickly set up intelligent, guided forms to make it easy for users to review and sign documents. Guided forms help organizations simplify a signer’s experience by capturing key information that will appear in an agreement. 

Get documents e-signed anytime, anywhere, on any device while keeping the spotlight on your brand with white-labeling. 

OneSpan Sign’s integration with SmartCOMM™ and  SmartIQ™ is optimized for mobile signing right ’out of the box’, while enabling you to fully customize workflows and screens to create a unique and trusted experience. That includes white-labeling at no extra charge.

Accelerate ROI

Supercharge your business by fully automating the agreement process with intelligent forms and e-signatures

Business critical workflows that rely on static forms are plagued by manual processing that slows down customer acquisition. 

Modernizing agreement processes with integrated intelligent forms and e-signatures creates a frictionless digital experience for your customers, leading to higher completion rates and reducing time to revenue.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Eliminate manual processing of documents with e-signatures integrated into your customer communications and forms processes

Improve user productivity by eliminating manual data entry and processing errors by keeping your SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ™ workflows 100% digital.

Users can send documents out for signature directly from SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ™. The pre-built connectors can automatically pull data from your SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ™ workflows to dynamically generate a signature‑ready document with the correct customer or vendor data, customer‑specific terms, products, and price. After documents are signed, they are automatically returned to the applications for electronic storage for completely digital, straight-through processing. A complete audit trail is archived with the e-signed documents that captures who signed, in what order, when, and where. 

Advanced Security

Prove your compliance and deflect legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails

The security of your organization and customers is paramount to all of us. OneSpan Sign’s tamper evident seal and digital signature is applied after each signature and can automatically identify any modifications to the document.

Our advanced military grade security also embeds the audit trail of the signing experience right inside the document. This gives you the power to validate the signatures immediately.

OneSpan Sign meets security standards and compliance requirements by offering a single audit trail of the entire agreement process that captures key signing and authentication events. Audit trails are embedded in the document and travel everywhere with the record seamlessly.

Enhanced Workflow Customization

Ensure e-signatures align with your unique business needs with enhanced customization options

Transform outdated, static forms and workflows into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.

Our e-signature integration allows you to easily add electronic signatures to any form that requires signature from SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ™. From new business applications, account opening forms, to insurance claims documents, your signing workflows can be fully customized to trigger specific events for your unique business processes.

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