Delivering the Secure Mobile Experience Customers Need

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40% of consumers age 18 – 34 prefer to do their banking online over visiting a branch. What’s more, a 2018 Gallup poll shows that Millenials are more likely to switch banks than older generations due to bad mobile experiences. These two dynamics underpin the competitive landscape for financial institutions as they develop their digital channels.

Whichever financial institution can deliver the best customer experience while ensuring security can capture this market share.

In this 16-minute podcast from American Banker, Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, discusses the challenges banks face as they try to create that exceptional, secure mobile experience.

In this podcast, you will learn: 

  • Why mobile has become a key battleground in the competition for digital customers
  • The key factors customers say they want from a mobile banking app
  • How developers can incorporate in-app protection into their regular updates


Sam Bakken

Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager​


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Mobile App Shielding: How to Reduce Fraud, Save Money, and Protect Revenue

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