Digital Insurance Podcast

How Virtual Channels Offer Customers a Better Way to Buy Insurance

In this podcast with FinTech Global we take a deeper look at the growing trend of digitized insurance processes and what this means for the industry.

OneSpan & FinTech Global Podcast

Digital Insurance: How Virtual Channels Offer Customers a Better Way to Buy Insurance

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Highly regulated industries such as insurance face many challenges as they move towards digitization. As well as regulatory challenges and roadblocks, organizations operating within regulated industries need to ensure that transactions with their customers are carried out in a secure and compliant way, even when conducted remotely.

While the pandemic accelerated remote and self-service processes, challenges still remain for complex transactions that require human assistance. Insurers looking to interlace digitization throughout the entire customer journey need to invest in video-based technologies which blend human-led and digital channels to fully support customers across the whole customer journey.

In this digital insurance podcast Mary Ellen Power, Vice President of Marketing at OneSpan, sits down with FinTech Futures to discuss fully integrated digitized insurance processes and how to bring the human connection to remote customer interactions.

Learn more about:

  • The challenges highly-regulated industries face as it move towards digitization.
  • How insurers can blend human-led channels with digital channels to embed digitization across the entire customer journey.
  • How to interlace the ability to provide human assistance for complex transactions with customer desire for self-service and remote interactions.
  • The different digital touchpoints being used by insurers within the whole customer life cycle.
  • How Munich RE reduced application processing from 30 days to 10 minutes with an end-to-end digital platform.


  • Mary Ellen Power, Vice President of Marketing at OneSpan
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